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The Formula Kite, a reference for amateur sailing in Spain



The Formula Kite Spain Series (FKSS) and F-One Spain are teaming up this season so that there is no longer any excuse to start racing within the Formula Kite class. In the second season of this new circuit of the amateur class in Spain, the registered sailors will have at their disposal the board and the foil of the F-One brand. They will only have to bring their helmet, their harness, their kites, wetsuit, a vest and a lot of desire to enjoy and learn. It’s that simple and fair. The use of identical tables for all will be mandatory.

This parallel circuit to the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021, which will have the name of F-One FKSS Amateur, is a key project for the organizer. Since the beginning of the competition, the promotion of the sport of Formula Kite in Spain has always been put at the highest value. For the organization, the basis of sport is fundamental because by taking care of it we ensure the growth of the class on a national scale.

Last season the F-One FKSS Amateur had 19 sailors registered in the four races contested. And they were sailors from up to seven different nationalities, although most of them are based in Spain.

One of the objectives of this category is to feed the queen class with the sailors who after a season in amateur have gained enough level to compete with the best. A formula that has worked perfectly bearing in mind that Regy Dils, winner of the F-One FKSS Amateur 2020, and Adrián Albiñana, a sailor who has shown great evolution during the past, are already registered in the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021.

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The F-One FKSS Amateur is made with material manufactured in series, less delicate and that allows to contain prices compared to those used in the Open class. In addition, instead of paragliders, the same inflatable kites are used with which it is sailed in ‘expression’. A material that all kitesurfers have, with which there is practically no investment to start flying over the water.

Thinking about comfort

The great advantage of this 2021 season in the F-One FKSS Amateur class is that the sailors will compete with much fairer conditions than last year and, also, they will see how the logistics issue is greatly facilitated by not having to move neither the board nor the foil that will be waiting for them on the beach in the three days that the FKSS events last.

The FKSS and F-One Spain continue to build their excellent relationship by making available 20 sets, made up of a Pocket 145 board with an IC6 950 foil from the renowned brand. All participants will have the same material under their feet so the competition will be very fair.

This great novelty is highly valued by Sergio W. Smit, general director of the FKSS, who points out: “We think that we are taking an important leap in this competition because we are going to give equality and comfort to the participants. The F-One FKSS Amateur class in our circuit is totally strategic because it represents for us and for the sport the biggest growth niche of the specialty. It is the way a sailor can start in the competition and finish in the FKSS Open competing with the best in the world “. For Smit, this new step in the Amateur competition shows the support that the organization gives to the base: “Since we started the regatta, we have always considered it essential to give sailors everything they need to continue developing in the specialty. We think that the step we have taken is a great advantage for those who are already there and a very great incentive for those who wanted to come, but did not dare to jump into the competition ”.

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For his part, Sebastián Ducos, director of F-One Spain, is enthusiastic about the start of the season and about taking his boards and foils to the regattas for the enjoyment of amateurs: “We think it is a great novelty not only in Spain, but also around the world, because we do not know of many competitions in which sailors can compete with the same parameters of equality and comfort. We think it will be the most fair race internationally, I don’t think there is another circuit similar to ours ”. And he points out: “And one very important thing is that amateurs will be able to travel only with their kites, their suit and their harness and they will be able to move without a board bag and without having to check in. Only with your suitcase luggage, which saves many costs in travel and many headaches at airports, such as in the Mallorca test in early April “.

On the part of F-One Spain, this great advantage for Amateurs is not going to be the only one they have in the six events of the FKSSS 2021. In addition, Ducos explains: “We will continue with free Wingfoil demonstrations and free baptisms in this class. We will also bring our newest material so that people can test it such as our kites, our kite surfboards and the latest news in Twin Tip boards. We continue to offer to test the entire range of F-One ”.

Registrations for the first two tests of the season in the F-One FKSS Amateur are now open on the competition website. The first test is held from April 2 to 4 in the waters of the Bay of Palma and with the fundamental support of CN S’Arenal. The following week (from April 9 to 11) all the action moves to Palamós with the support of the Club Náutic Costa Brava & Vela Palamós.

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