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The four women who work in the shadow of Kate Middleton | People

The Duchess of Cambridge has just hired a new private secretary, Hannah Cockburn-Logie. She joins an all-female team of carefully selected professionals who support Prince William’s wife. Cockburn-Logie says on her LinkedIn profile that she took up her new position in early June, almost eight months after the departure of Catherine Quinn, who preceded her to this position.

She is responsible for organizing Kate Middleton’s schedule and who accompanies her during her engagements. Hannah Cockburn-Logie was not chosen at random, having previously worked for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whom she already accompanied during their seven-day tour of India and Bhutan, organized in April 2016.

Hannah Cockburn-Logie has spent the majority of her career representing the UK overseas, with over 20 years of experience in the Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office. In 2017, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his services to the United Kingdom and India.

Another key person on the team is Natasha Archer, the stylist who is in charge of managing Kate Middleton’s wardrobe. TO nowAs everyone calls her in Kensington Palace, she is credited with the Duchess’s change in style, who over the past two years has refined and rejuvenated her wardrobe, adding a dose of controlled risk to dresses with shorter hems or subtle see-throughs. , and incorporating less obvious brands such as Barbara Casasola or Altuzarra to other leading brands such as Jenny Packham or Temperley London. His influence on Middleton, which according to a recent study by the marketing Rakuten is considered the most stylish woman in the UK, making her one of the most influential people in British fashion. However, and voluntarily, it is also one of the most unknown.

De Archer, 34, is known to have studied at the exclusive Uppingham School boarding school and received a BA in Hispanics from King’s College London. According to his brief LinkedIn profile, he has been on the staff of the English royal house since 2007 (although he does not specify what positions he has held) and has previously worked for the Dukes of Gloucester.

Besides buying online For Middleton clothing from accessible brands such as ASOS or Topshop, the stylist entrusts high-end firms with different options for the Duchess’s public appearances, and advises her on her wardrobe choice, although the last word is always from Middleton.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also hired a nanny, the Spanish María Teresa Turrión, to care for their children George, six, Carlora, five, and Luis, two. The immovable presence of Turrión in Kensington Palace since Guillermo and Catalina were parents for the first time, responds to the trust placed by the royal couple in this nanny, trained at the exclusive Norland College.

Founded in 1892, in the center of Bath one of the most demanding degrees in the world in terms of child care is studied and provides caregivers for its children to the most select of the British aristocracy, as well as famous millionaires like the Rolling Stone Mick Jagger . Subjects taught to students include martial arts classes and reaction to a possible terrorist attack. The woman from Palencia was one of his star graduates and, after working for several families of London’s high society, she was recommended to the dukes. She is responsible for the three children wearing clothes from Spanish stores on many occasions.

Kate Middleton’s shock team is completed by Amanda Cook Tucker, her regular hairdresser, who knows the Windsor clan well, as she cared for the hair of Princes William and Henry when they were children. Since then she has become one of the Duchess’s close friends.

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