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The fourth wave of the coronavirus will be marked by the virulence of one of the strains

The fourth wave of the coronavirus will be marked by the virulence of one of the strains

The fourth wave of the coronavirus will be marked by the virulence of one of the strains

The anticipation of the arrival of the fourth wave of the coronavirus it has triggered the concern of experts. One of the most reputable scientists on the national scene, Margarita del Val, dared to mark a date on the calendar: at the end of March.

In the middle of the flexibilization period of anticovid measures in various autonomies, as is the case of the Valencian Communitya, predictions and warnings about how this will be fourth wave of coronavirus by experts they happen and almost all these opinions have several points in common. One of them refers to the strain that will drive the virulence of the new wave: the British variant.

Why will the fourth wave come

According to expert opinions, there will be several factors that influence the appearance of the fourth wave of the covid-19. The first of these is the relaxation of preventive measures.

The pandemic fatigue has made a dent in the general mood, for many months already in tow with the pandemic. Many workers have not set foot in their offices for almost a year, many families and friends have long awaited the long-awaited reunion. People are largely exhausted, and the possibility of being able to return to a “kind” of normality – with greater freedom of movement – can unleash the meetings between non-partners and there the problem begins.

In addition, the arrival of the British strain will be decisive. For the preventive doctor Jesus Molina «If indeed the British strain (B 1.1.7), which is much more transmissible, it is to be expected that there will be a fourth wave, as long as the prevention measures related to mobility that are now in place are relaxed ”.

Molina stresses that the high contagiousness of the British variant could lead to many more infected, although he does not venture figures. “Now, this increase in infections should not translate into greater pressure on hospitals and intensive care units.” In what he dares to specify is on the date of the fourth wave: next April may be the turning point.

The Deputy Director General of Epidemiology, Hermelinda Vanaclocha, who in an interview with this newspaper pointed out that with regard to the fourth wave “it is practically inevitable that we will not have it, although it may be like the second or like the third. Because the English variant is quite widespread in Spain and throughout the Community Valencian, and it is much more transmissible “.

Merkel’s virologist

A few days ago, the epidemiologist Christian Dorsten, director of Institute of Virology of the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, and one of the most important advisers to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, predicted that this fourth wave of coronavirus will leave more than 100,000 infected daily and will affect especially the youngest in Germany.

This change in the trend of those affected is due to the fact that once the elderly are vaccinated, we believe that the greatest danger has passed and social pressure becomes a major problem.

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