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The Francos demand a term of “at least” two months for the move of Meirás

Entry of the judicial procession into the pazo, last Wednesday.

Entry of the judicial procession into the pazo, last Wednesday.

Two months, “at least”, to carry out the transfer of personal property from the pazo de Meirás. This is what the heirs of dictator Francisco Franco request in a letter that entered the court yesterday, November 16. The request for this two-month period, which would begin to count once the inventory of goods is completed, occurs after the Xunta denied them the authorization to transfer the statues of Mestre Mateo, in dispute, to Madrid, and that, as Well and Cultural Interest, require regional permission for any move.

In your writing, the Francos once again defend their right to move all personal property inside the pazo de Meirás which, they emphasize, were not the subject of the sentence that has condemned them in the first instance to return the building and properties. Their legal representatives argue that, if the goods are left in the manor, These could be considered “abandoned property for all intents and purposes” and they advance their intention to appeal the precautionary measures decreed by the Court of First Instance number 1 of A Coruña on November 9, which prohibited the removal of any property from Meirás until a complete inventory is made.

The The court ordered the Francos to hand over the pazo provisionally to the State on December 10. The date was set before the precautionary measures were decreed to carry out a complete inventory of assets, for which the technicians of Culture of the Xunta and National Heritage have an initial period of 20 days, which could be extended. The Francos denounce that time is running against them, they argue that the period initially granted constitutes an interval of time “very close to the minimum available to all convicts” and they appeal to the dimensions of the move they plan: “It is a property of considerable dimensions in which there are a lot of things“, they point out.

The Francos justify the need for a period of “at least” two months to move in “the obvious difficulties” derived from the pandemic and the fact that the guardians have their habitual residence in the Meirás pazo, a married couple with minors in their charge, who “not only have to remove their things” but “who have to set an alternative place in the one who fixes his residence “. The future of the guards is still up in the air and formations such as the BNG have asked that their contracts be maintained.

Pro Return Board

The Xunta Pro Devolución do Pazo de Meirás, the body promoted by the Provincial Council of which councils, the Royal Galician Academy, collectives for the recovery of memory, universities or researchers are part, will meet again next Friday. It will be the first meeting after the sentence that considers the appeal of the State Lawyers and condemns the Francs to return the pazo.

The County Council explains that The main objectives of this meeting are to address the future of the Xunta Pro Devolución, address the future uses of the pazo de Meirás and, more immediately, the contents of the visits to this Property of Cultural Interest as of its provisional return to the State.

The deputy for Heritage, Xosé Luís Penas, defended this Sunday that the itineraries should show the recent history of the recovery of the pazo as a public good. The nationalist leader also defended the need to remove from As Torres all those elements that have contributed to making the pazo “a temple of Francoism” and a “destiny of late-night Francoists.” Penas also points out that the future uses of Meirás must be the result of a collective reflection.


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