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The fratricide of the “hairdresser of the stars” impacts Colombia

Barber Mauricio Leal, who combed celebrities and stars of ColombiaHe was found dead along with his mother. on a bed at the end of November, in what looked like a matricide, but the confession this Tuesday in the courts of his brother, Jhonier, of the double murder has revolutionized the case.

Leal, a 47-year-old hairdresser who had a difficult childhood in the city of Cali, and his mother, Marleny Hernández, appeared stabbed on a bed in the room of a luxurious house in La Calera, on the outskirts of Bogotá, at night on the 21st of last November. Next to the bodies was a handwritten letter in which the stylist said: “I love you. Forgive me, I can’t take it anymore. I leave everything to my nephews and brothers. With all my love, forgive me, mom.” Everything seemed to point to the hairdresser killing his mother and then committing suicide. However, it was soon found that the stylist, already injured and under the effect of tranquilizing pills, he was forced by his brother to write it, all within the plot to make it appear that it was a suicide, although it did not fit because of the stab wounds, unusual in a suicide.

The fratricide

“I have made the decision, freely and voluntarily, to accept the charges through an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office and I take the opportunity to make my manifestation of repentance asking my family for forgiveness first of all,” he said before a judge in Bogotá. brother this Tuesday. Everything points to Jhonier wanted to keep the inheritance his brother’s, fortune that in turn the authorities investigate if it was legitimately earned by the hairdresser or if, on the contrary, it is linked to money laundering. In fact, the Prosecutor’s Office seized, for purposes of domain extinction, two properties and two companies that were in the name of Mauricio and whose succession had already begun by the now-named murderer. These assets would add up to around 5,000 million pesos (just over 1.2 million dollars).

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Despite the fact that from the beginning Jhoiner Rodolfo Leal Hernández had declared himself unrelated to the murders, the Prosecutor’s Office reconstructed what happened and the accused had no other option than to confess today at the hearing. Contrary to Mauricio, Jhoiner had no luck in the businesses he undertook, while beauty queens, singers and other figures of the show went to Mauricio’s beauty salons in Bogotá.

There is no perfect crime

The parricide and fratricide was arrested in Bogotá by the authorities in the middle of a spectacular operation, while the people did not lose any detail of the case. The experts agreed that Jhoiner was the main suspect in the double crime because in the interviews he gave to local media he contradicted himself and did not show signs of suffering due to the double death. One of the things that caught the most attention is that he said that a wound on his hand had been made with scissors and, in another, he changed his version by saying that it had been made with a rough wall.

At the hearings, the prosecutor in the case said that the confessed murderer, who lived in the same house as his victims, first killed his own mother in the room where he slept and then went to Mauricio’s, who he injured. Apparently the gun broke and he had to go to the kitchen to get another knife. Once dead, he moved the bodies to a single room, for which he used gloves to avoid leaving traces. To all of the above is added that no door or window of the house where the crime occurred was forced and that the security cameras showed that no stranger entered the property.

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The prosecutor insisted several times to Jhonier that “there was no perfect crime” despite the fact that he planned for several years the murder of his brother, who began cleaning hairdressers but later set up his own business in Bogotá. By accepting the charges of homicide aggravated by kinship, due to a state of defenselessness and cruelty, and concealment, alteration or destruction of material evidence, Jhonier could be sentenced to between 45 and 50 years in prison, but would receive a sentence reduction of up to half of the sentence.

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