Friday, June 9

The French left present their alliance with good forecasts for the legislative elections

  • France Insumisa (socioecologists), the Socialist Party, the greens and the communists unite for the elections on June 12 and 19

  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon, third in the past presidential elections, will run for prime minister and impose, if he wins, a cohabitation government

The ‘V’ for victory with the hands. The new unitary alliance of the French left has chosen the same famous gesture of Winston Churchill —and that also tried to popularize leaders of Podemos in Spain in 2015— to optimistically water this progressive bloc for legislative elections. The coalition between Unsubmissive France (socioecologist), the Socialist Partythe green and the communists He made his coming-out this Saturday afternoon, coinciding with the investiture ceremony of President Emmanuel Macron, from whom they want to snatch the majority in the National Assembly in the elections on June 12 and 19.

“We can aspire to write a page in the history of France, it is the first time in 25 years that there is a general agreement with all the leftist parties”, he assured Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the new coalition, at a presentation rally held in Aubervilliers, in the northeast of the Paris metropolitan area. The initial objective of this alliance is to achieve a cohabitation government with Mélenchon —third in the presidential elections with almost 22% of the vote— as prime minister if they achieve an absolute majority of deputies in the French Parliament. this scenario not produced in France since 2002but the polls indicate that they will be the most uncertain legislative elections in the last two decades.

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“Does it seem like I’ve become everyone’s boss? No, it is the collective that produces, thinks and contributes”, added the rebellious 70-year-old leader, who on Friday had already announced that will not stand as a candidate in the legislative and, therefore, will not be a deputy. In this way, he implied that this campaign will be the last battle of this tireless and controversial left-wing leader who has managed to unite all the progressive formations behind a transformative program that defends lowering the retirement age to 60 years (with 40 listed) , increase the minimum wage to 1,400 euros net or promote “ecological planning” (the French equivalent of a Green New Deal).

tensions between socialists

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The first to join the coalition were the Greens and the Communists. Finally, so did the Socialist Party, whose decision generated internal tensions despite being validated by a clear majority of the members of the national committee of this centenary party. “Together we can do great things”, affirmed the general secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, in an act in which the leaders of the different formations intervened before a devoted public that chanted the cry of “Popular Union”. Several coalition candidates were also presented. With the acronym of the new candidacy, the Rebellious France will be presented in 325 constituencies, the greens in 100, the socialists in 70 and the communists in 50, according to a distribution that is not yet definitive.

At the moment, the polls smile at the New People’s Union. According to a recent survey by the Cluster 17 institute, this alliance would receive the most votes in the first round with 34%, ahead of Macron’s Juntos coalition (24.5%) and the National Regroupment of the far-right Marine Le Pen (19 ,5%). Undoubtedly, these opinion polls should be taken with a grain of salt when the elections are more than a month away. Nor is a victory in the first round synonymous with a majority in the second. But Macron has had a electorally most fearsome rival than Le Pen’s extreme right: the new united coalition of the left led by Mélenchon.

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