Friday, January 15

The French Supreme Court agrees to hand over Josu Ternera to Spain for the Zaragoza attack | Spain

Th.Court of Cassation, th.French suprem.court, has rejected this Tuesday th.appeal of th.historic ETA José Antonio Urrutikoetxea, Josu Veal, to prevent his surrender to Spain th.attack against th.Zaragoza barracks in 1987 that left 11 dead, six of them children, and dozens of wounded. It is th.second less than a month that th.highest French court has decided, definitively, against th.former political boss of ETA. On November 4, th.sam.court already gav.its approval to his extradition for th.cas.opened in th.National Court for th.financing of th.terrorist organization through th.villag.bars. However, still no delivery date, asTurnera still has two trials pending in France, which will begin in 2021.

With its rejection of th.appeal, th.French Suprem.Court validates, in a “definitive” way, as highlighted by judicial sources, th.decision of th.Court of Appeal of Paris that on January 8 gav.its approval to of Veal. Th.Spanish judicial authorities want to judg.him in his capacity as head of ETA at th.tim.of th.Zaragoza car bomb attack, for which h.could b.sentenced to between 20 and 30 years in prison.

However, th.Suprem.Court’s decision does not shorten th.still long road untilTurnera, arrested in th.French of Sallanches in May 2019, after 17 years in hiding, is presented befor.a Spanish court. This sam.Wednesday, Urrutikoetxea has another appointment justice, this of Appeal that must analyz.a third lawsuit from Spain, this tim.for th.murder of Michelin leader LuisHerreraa in Vitoria in Jun.1985. If it fails In favor of his delivery to Spain, it is most likely that his lawyers will appeal th.decision again, which would tak.this third th.Suprem.Court, further extending th.deadlines for of th.ETA member, who is about to turn 70 years old.

Anyway, JosuTurnera, who has been on probation sinc.last July th.coronavirus, still has to b.tried in France, since, after his arrest, h.hid his right to demand a repeat of th.two trials to thos.who had been sentenced, in absentia, to jail terms in this country. Th.first of th.trials has been set for February, is expected to b.held in June, although, recalled, it could b.further delayed, formal problems th.summary has returned to th.investigation phas..

To date, Veal’s only resounding victory in Franc.- beyond achieving probation instead of awaiting decisions in prison – has been th.denial of a fourth demand to try him in Spain for crimes against humanity in a summary in which ar.also prosecuted other former heads of ETA such as GarikoitzAsiau, Txeroki; Mikel Carrera, they andActionlRondoo, Gurbitz. French justic.rejected this request in July, considering that th.crim.does not fit into th.Gallic Penal Code.

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