Thursday, January 27

The fugitive who faked his death in the US and ended up being arrested in Scotland after being admitted in serious condition to a hospital for covid

Image by Nicholas Alahverdian

Image source, YouTube/WPRI


Like Nicholas Alahverdian, he campaigned for the rights of minors and appeared on television.

A 34-year-old American who faked his own death to flee justice has been arrested in Glasgow, Scotland, and faces extradition.

Nicholas Rossi, accused of rape in Utah (United States), was on the Interpol red list.

Scottish police captured him on December 13 under an international arrest warrant at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where he had been admitted with covid-19 under the false name Arthur Knight.

With another alias, Nicholas AlahverdianRossi previously resided in Rhode Island, where he was involved in local politics and criticized the state’s child protection system, US authorities confirmed.

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