Friday, October 15

The Games become apotheosis

Gymnast Ray Zapata gets the silver medal.

Gymnast Ray Zapata gets the silver medal.

And suddenly, when no one could imagine it, the Tokyo Games became apotheosis. The border between the first and second weeks marks a turning point in an event that was marked by the pandemic, the absence of spectators, the restrictions and the ballast of a gray beginning. Also for Spain, who suddenly flew – like his most recent medalist, Ana Peleteiro– until he woke up in the medal table and nailed himself – like his acrobat Ray Zapata– in a privileged position.

It was a memorable Sunday, full of strong and frenetic emotions. First at the Ariake Gimnastics Center, where an athlete of Dominican origin and Conejero DNA (he grew up in Lanzarote), He kept all of Spain in suspense with an almost perfect performance. For everyone except the judges, who deprived him of savoring a score above 15, which is the border that separates the good from the best in his sport. It seemed unfair, even more so when the Israeli gymnast was later assessed the same exercise: 14,933. Zapata’s flight was not enough for gold but it was enough to equal points with the first classified and win a silver that also shines.

“I know that I am the best, with that it serves me”, He declared between euphoric and excited in the mixed zone, between a cloud of microphones before which he dedicated the silver success to his coach and his psychologist. “He was the one who furnished my head,” he said with a laugh, after breaking through tears at the moment he became a medalist.

The Sunday day brought more strong emotions to the Tokyo Olympics, which saw the best women’s triple contest that has ever taken place in a Games. Hence, the jump to the glory of Ana Peleteiro, who set a gleaming national record for a historic bronze. The Galician opens the way for more joys in the beautiful game, where hurdler Orlando Ortega and the walkers are still waiting for their appointment with the podium.

It wasn’t a medal, but the result of the basketball draw sounded like a bang. A Spain-United States is looming. Bigger words and the memory of a great game like the one that both teams toasted in the final in London. Now the booty in dispute will be more meager (the pass to the semifinals), but it is that the national team made life very difficult in their defeat against Slovenia, which is trading higher in the gold bets. He lost the hockey, he stayed Joan Cardona Without securing his medal in sailing (today two can fall and his awaits on Tuesday) and the only Spaniard who competed in equestrian was shipwrecked: it was 48 of 48. But the day was a festival of emotions and joys, He confirmed that there are more unforgettable days to uncork and reconciled Spain with the belief that it is still possible. Yes, the historical record of Barcelona can still be matched. For the 22 medals, 15 are missing. But the accounts are already out.

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