Monday, September 27

The gaming sector requires the Generalitat to open its establishments

The Gaming Business Council, CeJuego, the main private gaming employer in Spain, calls on the Generalitat Valenciana to open gambling venues and establishments in the region, being the only ones that remain closed in all of Spain. This situation, which has been going on for two months, is affecting the future and viability of 133 Valencian companies in the sector -many of them family-run SMEs-, in addition to endangering the nearly 7,000 direct jobs, which would amount to 30,000 in a way. hint. The sector estimates losses of € 129 million, which are added to those registered in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The group of organizations requires knowing the criteria that have led the Valencian Government to continue with the closure of its establishments, despite having additional safety and health prevention measures, applied since it began the covid-19 crisis a year ago. They remember that their establishments have, among other measures, control and limitation of capacity, personnel to guarantee safety distances and ventilation systems to constantly renew the air in the premises. From the sector they point out that other communities, such as Catalonia or the Balearic Islands, which until a few weeks ago were in the same situation, have decided to open these premises because they do not present any risk and thus follow the same guidelines as with other sectors.

The cumulative incidence in the community is below 50, that is, at a low alert level. For this reason, from the sector they argue that there is no health data that justifies restricting the rights and freedoms of companies and workers in a single sector throughout the Valencian Community, forcing bingo halls, casinos and gambling halls to remain closed. totally without offering from the Consell any alternative.

This serious situation of the sector in Valencia is also affecting the coffers of the Generalitat, since it is ceasing to enter about 26.3 million euros for the sector taxes.

For Alejandro Landaluce, CEO of CeJuego, “the sector in Valencia is going through a borderline situation, without income and with the risk of losing more than 7,000 jobs. It is not admissible for the Generalitat to prolong the closure of the premises, being the only autonomous community with these restrictions. All our establishments have security, capacity, control and prevention measures in place, so the closure is not due to technical or sanitary criteria ”.

In this context, Landaluce assures that “with this decision the Consell is eliminating the rights and freedoms of companies in the gaming sector to carry out a legal, regulated activity that generates stable employment with very low turnover, as well as tax revenue. that the Generalitat is also ceasing to enter “. From the sector they appeal to the responsibility of the tripartite and urge the government to “allow the reopening of gambling establishments, put aside ideological criteria And think about the multitude of Valencian workers in a situation of extreme vulnerability, especially if we take into account that an important part of the employees are women and people over 50, difficult to relocate to work in the event of permanent closures, which will occur if the closure situation persists ”.

The entity has requested a urgent meeting with the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, and the Regional Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barceló, to expose the serious situation of Valencian companies and request an immediate opening of the premises to save a sector that contributes to the 0.45% of the national GDP.

CeJuego is the main private gambling association in Spain whose mission is to harmonize and promote a favorable scenario for the development of the gambling sector while promoting safe and responsible gambling. It has nine members, including the main companies in the sector: CIRSA, CODERE, CONEI CORPORACION, GRUPO DC, GRUPO R. FRANCO, GRUPO SERVIMATIC, LUCKIA and ORENES.

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