Wednesday, October 27

The General Assembly of Cofares re-elects Eduardo Pastor as president of the cooperative and supports its strategic management for the future

Eduardo Pastor, president of Cofares

Eduardo Pastor, president of Cofares

The General Assembly of Cofares, held this Monday in Madrid, has reelected – with 91.5% of the support – Eduardo Pastor as president at the head of the leading Cooperative in pharmaceutical distribution. And it has ratified its management plan and strategic transformation for the coming years. Likewise, in the Assembly, where the delegates representing the partners have met, the Annual accounts for the past financial year, general policy and management of the Cooperative.

The president of Cofares, Eduardo Pastor, has been satisfied with the evolution and results of the strategic transformation plan initiated three years ago. A crucial plan to offer an effective response to the pandemic: “Our growth is solid and we consolidate our leadership in the market in a year in which 1,000 new pharmacies add their trust in Cofares. During 2020 we have distributed more than 31 million buckets with health products to the pharmacies ”. And has reiterated the will to continue promoting “innovative projects focused on diversification, digitization and logistics decentralization that allow the pharmacy to continue to be placed at the center of health care for citizens ”.

Among them, the main logistics plan stands out, endowed with an investment of close to 80 million euros, and which will allow the opening of four new warehouses next year, in order for pharmacies to have a reference center within 1 hour, in the 2023 time horizon. diversification projects, through new services for pharmacies beyond distribution; and digitization for the optimization of processes and for the pharmacy to gain prominence in the digital health environment.

The General Assembly has also given the green light to the Treasury and Secretariat Report and the renewal of its corporate bodies. The Governing Council chaired by Eduardo Pastor is made up of Mikel Gastearena as vice president; Juan María Blanco as secretary; Gaspar Linares as treasurer; José Rodríguez as deputy secretary; Carlos Varela as vice treasurer, and Rosa Martínez, as first member. The composition of the vocalists is completed by: Aquilino Rodríguez, Emilio Martínez, María Dolores Moreno, Carmen Peña, Elena Serrano, David Lagos and Eduardo Trives.

The voice of the model in Spain and in Europe

On the other hand, Pastor has underlined the importance of the legislative movements that are being prepared at the European and national level. The European Health Union, the European Pharmaceutical Strategy or the Regulation on cross-border threats represent a new scenario that will have direct effects on the sector. “We wanted to make our messages clear: how we work, how our work is a model of success and how we are going to defend this model where the rural pharmacy is the backbone”, He highlighted. “We are committed to a Europe of free citizens and open pharmacies, and we will defend this position in all political forums as we have done so far,” he stressed.

In this sense, the president of the Cooperative has referred to the participation in the working groups within the EU Parliament where Cofares has helped to clarify that “trading in medicines is trading in people’s health. Instead, dispensing and facilitating access to health requires responsibility, humanity and vocation ahead of any other interest ”.

Cofares activity in 2020

The Cooperative closed the year 2020 with total income of 3,624 million euros, 6.14% more than the previous year, which represents a record business figure and higher (by 3.82 points) than the market. Profit before tax grew by 19% compared to 2019, standing at 18.3 million euros.

In addition, in this year marked by the covid-19 pandemic, 31.6 million buckets of medicines and sanitary ware have been distributed among pharmacies, 8.85% more than in 2019, and supplied more than 120 million approved masks. In this way, Cofares has revalidated its leadership in the distribution of health products with a national market share of 29% – 1.70 percentage points more than in 2019 – and 11,683 partners.

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