Tuesday, October 19

The General Hospital acquires 41 beds of the latest technology for covid patients

General Hospital staff treat a covid patient who is no longer in isolation in one of the new beds.  |  HÉCTOR FUENTES

General Hospital staff treat a covid patient who is no longer in isolation in one of the new beds. | HÉCTOR FUENTES

They weigh the patient, move him laterally, and make it easy to x-ray without moving him. These are some of the functions that the new ones do beds purchased by the General Hospital of Alicante for coronavirus patients that they are in a critical situation. Sick people who spend months in bed, so these beds reduce some of the physical damage they suffer with such a long income. They also facilitate the work of the staff who care for these patients, thus reducing the risk of infection.

Among their functions, these beds can program postural changes and move the patient laterally. «In patients with coronavirus, these posture changes are very important, because the bronchi are obstructed and part of the lung closes “, explains Francisco Jaime, head of the Intensive Medicine Service at the health center. Normally these postural changes are made by several service workers, “so now the work is much easier.” These beds also weigh and balance the fluids of the patient, something essential when applying treatments. “Until now we have calculated everything by hand in graphs, noting the fluids that the patient ingests through serum, nutrition or medication and those that he loses, for example with urine or vomiting and even with sweating,” he says James. These calculations, which the bed can now make, have to be as precise as possible “because the treatments are scheduled based on them.”

The bed can be put in a chair position to mobilize the patient. | HÉCTOR FUENTES

The new beds also have an integrated air mattress that reduces pressure and minimizes the risk of pressure ulcers. In addition, they are beds that facilitate X-ray imaging tests, since the backing is radiolucent. It is also easier to act before a cardiac arrest, since the mattresses are automatically deflated to apply the shocks and before a table had to be placed to prevent the patient from moving excessively with the compressions.

The General Hospital of Alicante has invested 551,207 euros in this furniture, which has made it possible to expand the beds for critical patients. The center has requested this purchase for the emergency processinga, “in order to act immediately and be properly prepared during the health emergency,” they point out from the center. These 41 beds have been installed in the Intensive Medicine and Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Services. The center currently has 62 positions for critical patients, a capacity that is expandable. In this sense, they point out from the hospital, “this acquisition allows us to have a reserve of beds to meet future demands in critical patients.”

«From the first wave of the covid we have enabled new areas for patients in critical condition, in order to strengthen the ICU and Resuscitation, such as the Children’s Operating Rooms or the CIME (which ceased to be an Intermediate Care Unit, to become an area of critical); an expansion of spaces for critically ill patients that has required having a greater number of beds, “says the head of the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Service, Luis Gómez.

Less risk of contagion for staff

The management of coronavirus patients is not easy for staff, who must equip themselves with protective suits every time they approach a patient for any maneuver or check, for this reason, these new beds «represent an added advantage in the case of patients. covid patients, because it minimizes risks and avoids unnecessary contacts and manipulations, in addition to providing greater comfort to the patient during their stay, “says Virginia Alemañ, Deputy of Material Resources Nursing.


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