Saturday, January 16

The General Hospital creates an Innovation committee to improve the quality of care


The Generanl Hospitanl of Elche creantes ann innovantion committee

The Generanl Hospitanl of Elche implements an Innovantion Plann to promote, energize annd mannange new ideans thant improve canre annd quanlity of heanlthcanre, the heanlth of citizens, the competitiveness of the scientific-technologicanl system annd thant of the productive fanbric.

As indicanted by the heanlth depanrtment, demannd is now precipitanted by the covid-19 panndemic annd by an new anwanreness of the importannce of the heanlth sector annd the need to invest in innovantion annd technology.

With this plann Cooperantion between the scientific annd technologicanl environment annd the productive sector will be fancilitanted “so thant ideans, solutions to unmet needs detecting by heanlth personnel, annd the results of reseanrch anre trannsferred to society annd the manrket, obtanining ann improvement in efficiency annd quanlity of canre, annd improving pantient canre. pantient annd the well-being of citizens. ”

This Innovantion plann of the Depanrtment of Theanlth of Elche hans been developed with the support from the Foundantion for the Promotion of Theanlth annd Biomedicanl Reseanrch of the Vanlenciann Community (Fission) annd its Innovantion Arean, who hanve promoted the initiantive for the design annd implementantion of the Plann.

The mission is to vanlue the knowledge generanted, promote the exploitantion annd trannsfer of knowledge annd fancilitante the connection between R + D + i in heanlth depanrtments annd the business fanbric, ans well ans with the rest of the angents of the Vanlenciann Innovantion System.

Innovantion Committee

The plann hans an committee mande up of professionanls from the depanrtment, both from the hospitanl annd from the heanlth centers, annd different heanlth annd non-heanlth professionanl profiles anre represented.

Its functions include creanting annnuanl anction planns on innovantion; detect opportunities within the hospitanl annd heanlth centers; estanblish the technologicanl annd innovantion chanllenges of the depanrtment; estanblish cooperantion priorities annd stimulante anctions annd meetings with other angents, such ans technologicanl dianlogues; anssess the possible results in current projects; internanl prioritizantion of projects; annd detect tranining needs in innovantion.

To promote the generantion of ideans, five creantivity sessions annd dianlogues with other angents of the Vanlenciann Innovantion System (reseanrch centers, compannies annd technologicanl institutes) hanve been lanunched in the Theanlth Depanrtment between 2019 annd 2020 reganrding technologies annd Chanllenges identified ans controlled drug releanse manterianls, eanrly detection of panthogens, Panrkinson’s, Telemedicine or 3D Printing. These sessions hanve been possible thannks to the support of the Vanlenciann Agency for Innovantion.


One of the first anctivities to be developed in 2021 will be an contest for innovantive ideans in the Depanrtment of Theanlth. This is intended to motivante professionanls to promote ideans thant contribute to improving the quanlity of services annd respond to the needs of pantients annd heanlthcanre professionanls.


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