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The General Hospital of Elche cares for 300 premature babies a year

Professionals from the neonatal unit of the General Hospital of Elche.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the General University Hospital of Elche attended in 2019 to 288 premature babies. Of these, 155 were births in the Hospital and the rest came from other health areas. The reason for these numbers of premature births, which are usually maintained year after year, is that the Hospital of Elche is a reference center of the Department of Orihuela, Torrevieja, the Hospital del Vinalopó and the IMED, as these ICU areas Neonatal and not being able to assist deliveries below 34 weeks and of greater complexity. From January to October 30, 2020, the Hospital has already cared for a total of 112 premature babies born in the Elche center and 106 from other departments, making a total of 218 babies.

The total number of births so far this year attended at the General University Hospital of Elche has been 911, of which a total of 945 babies have been born, since 879 were single births, 30 were twins and 2 of triplets. These data have been released on the occasion of the Prematurity Day that is celebrated today, November 17.

Prematurity Day at the hospital

On this occasion, due to the health security measures necessary in the pandemic, the professionals of the Neonatal ICU have decided to celebrate the day by launching an initiative in which mothers and fathers of premature babies can collaborate without having to visit the hospital .

To do this, it has been decided to invite the parents of premature babies who have already been discharged from hospital and enjoy their children at home, to write letters of encouragement and support to the parents who are currently going through that circumstance.

Parents who want to collaborate must send their letters to the e-mail of the Patient Attention and Information Service (SAIP): [email protected]

Once the letters are received, they will be printed and uploaded to the Neonatal ICU to send them to the parents whose babies are in that moment.


All over the world, 15 million of babies are born premature. In the Valencian territory 7.2% of the children born are premature, a figure similar to that of the territory of the Spanish state, where one out of every 14 children born is premature. Specialists do not fully know the causes of why these types of births occur.

UCI Neonatal illicitana

Of the 41 beds assigned to the Pediatric Service, 27 correspond to the Neonatal Unit: 9 posts are from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and 18 from Neonatology.

The unit has complete equipment for level III neonatal care consisting of: 14 incubators and 2 incubators for neonatal transport with respirators, 4 respirators for invasive ventilation and 4 for high frequency, 4 for non-invasive ventilation, 5 for high oxygenation. flow, nitric oxide, multiparametric monitors, state-of-the-art oxygen saturation monitors, cerebral oxygen saturation monitoring, arterial blood carbon dioxide (CO2) partial pressure monitor, brain function monitor with EEGa, etc.

Dr. José Pastor, Head of the Pediatrics Service of the Elche hospital, specifies that “the Unit has all pediatric subspecialties: Electroencephalography, Ultrasound, Cardiology, Neuropediatrics, Dysmorphology, Digestive, Pneumology, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, as well as from a magnificent pediatric surgery team 20 km away, at the Alicante Hospital and we have a provincial neonatal transport attended by neonatologists, which has two incubators with a ventilator, one of them permanently located in our Hospital ”.

“The creation of the Home Hospitalization Unit-pediatric line has also allowed the early discharge of many of these babies who are benefited by respiratory physiotherapy programs among others. The Neonatal Unit follows the recommendations of the NIDCAP program, maintains an open visitation regime in the NICU and provides a babysitting program for mothers and fathers, ”concludes the specialist.

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