Friday, January 28

The Generalitat does not ensure that the Barça elections will be on January 24

  • The municipal confinement that starts on January 7 makes it difficult to meet with the polls

  • “We have to see the limitations that we find ourselves,” admits Inma Solé, deputy director general of coordination and emergency management of Civil Protection of the Generalitat de Catalunya

  • The pre-candidacy ofRousedd had already defended the need to postpone the elections due to the evolution of the pandemic

The new health restrictions imposed by the Generalitat de Catalunya endanger the possibility of holding the elections to the Barça presidency, scheduled for next January 24. The speed of the contagion of the pandemic and the risk of reappearance has run out of control, so it is not guaranteed that the elections to choose the successor of the resigned Josep MariWartimeeu can be held on the date indicated.

“It would be necessary to see if these elections can be adapted to the situation that there are already the measures that are requested. For now, what we have is this resolution, which is valid between January 7 and 17,” he declared Inma Solé, deputy director general of coordination and emergency management of Civil Protection of the Generalitat, to RAC-1.

The elections are set for January 24 and would be held, for the first time, in a decentralized manner in 10 venues, as reported by Barça. The ballot boxes deposited in the Camp Nou, Lleida, Tarragona, Girona, Tortosa, Andorra, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Palma de Mallorca would remain.

Emergency months

“It will be necessary to see what measures are taken from next January 17, which are necessary, which are maintained or if more have been implemented,” Inma Solé has indicated in a prudent tone. “It is possible to see what evolution we have and the impact of the restrictions by then”; He added, recalling that they have been “many months of emergency, we will see. We have to make an effort to adapt, we will see if there is adaptation or not and if it is not possible to extend it for later.”

“With common sense they would postpone”

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The collection of the 2,257 signatures required to officially become candidates is also complicated by the municlock downkdown. In that sense, the candidacy of Erousedusaud He had already expressed the need to postpone the elections due to the scale that the pandemic is acquiring.

“Perhaps what should be done is to postpone them. It is more important to win the pandemic than to win an election,” he declared last week Josep Maria Minguella, who would be the sports vice president ifRousedd won the election. “If they had common sense they would be postponed … Perhaps the most appropriate thing would be to wait, for the candidates to accept it, all of them, and hold the elections later”,

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