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The Generalitat has lost 15,400 permanent civil servants in twelve years

The Comptes Syndicate reflects in its latest annual report, the one referring to the 2020 financial year, the drama that affects the Generalitat’s workforce: fewer and fewer permanent jobs and a temporary employment rate that will take years and a lot of effort to reverse. Once again, the supervisory body makes an X-ray of the personnel at the service of the Autonomous Administration and the figures give the measure of the problem. In the last twelve years, that is, in the period from 2009 to 2020, a total of 15,420 permanent jobs have been left on the road: 6,552 civil servants and 8,415 statutory (health). On the other hand, temporary employees (both temporary civil servants and temporary statutory) have increased by a total of 35,298. The progression of loss of permanent jobs is sustained over time and its main cause is an aging workforce that involves the progressive retirement of civil servants and legal obstacles to calling for broad offers of public employment. In the report, the Catalan Ombudsman highlights that in global terms, the number of male and female workers increased by 15.1% during the twelve-year period, while the recognized obligations (that is, the associated expense) by 23.5%. %. In addition, there is a 10.8% decrease in career civil servants and a 99.4% increase in interim ones, while permanent statutory personnel decreased by 30.9% and temporary statutory personnel increased by 91.7%

With the limitations to cover or expand fixed positions, the Consell is committed to hiring temporary or temporary staff, a way that was also exploited during the pandemic year to be able to face, as specified by the Catalan Ombudsman, the health needs, economic, educational and social derived from covid-19. Thus, the supervisory body highlights the increases produced in the teaching staff of the Ministry of Education (34%) and health personnel, with 30.8%.

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Thus, with respect to the year of 2019, the data collected by the Receivership speak of a workforce of 151,836 staff in 2020 compared to the 138,163 recorded the previous year. Therefore, an increase of 13,673 people attributed to temporary contracts. Thus, it is observed that from one year to the next, the different ministries that make up the Generalitat lost a total of 1,977 civil servants and career civil servants, while health professionals with statutory positions lost 1,135 personnel. In total 3,112 less fixed. In percentage terms, there was a 3.5% decrease in career civil servants and 5.7% in statutory health personnel.

In this way, the reinforcement of the workforce came from the hand of temporary hiring. The body of interim civil servants went from 24,354 people to 31,050, that is, 6,696 more; while the statutory staff reached the figure of 41,443 after adding more than 10,000 contracts.

The report also provides data on the evolution of the workforce of the Generalitat, a minority with respect to the civil servant, but which is also affected by the same evil of temporary employment. Thus, since 2009, permanent staff has also decreased by 15.3%, while temporary staff has increased by 1.3%. In the full year with a pandemic compared to the previous one, this group decreased by 152 fixed while it gained 169 temporary.

Regarding temporary staff, there was a growth of 18% in the last twelve years, going from 89 advisers registered in 2009 to 105 in 2020. Beyond the figures, the upward trend in the temporary employment rate accentuated by the pandemic complicates the management of human resources for the Generalitat.

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It should be remembered that the Consell is awaiting talks with the central government to see how it re-plans its future selection processes to adapt them to the so-called Iceta decree, a state regulation that seeks to facilitate the conversion of temporary temporary positions into permanent ones, although this affects above all to those who have been working for years with the Generalitat.

Vacancies amount to 4,142

Although there were 151,836 people working for the Generalitat as of December 31, 2020, the list of jobs is lower and that year amounted to 131,269, 3% more than in 2019. The Sindicatura clarifies that the discrepancy is due to necessity to hire temporary workers to face the pandemic. This explains why there are more people hired than regulated positions. The contradiction is even greater if one considers that of those 131,000 positions, 4,142 were vacant. The positions without occupants are another consequence of the limitations in the oppositions. There are 500 more places pending to be filled than there were the previous year.

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