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The Generalitat only injects 7.5% of territorial spending on Culture in Alicante

Four million euros, which represents 7.5% of total expenditure. That is the amount that, according to the Provincial Council, is allocated in the Generalitat’s budgets for the maintenance of cultural centers attached to the Autonomous Administration or agreed with the provincial institution in Alicante. A global amount that, according to the analysis carried out, is very far from that perceived by Valencia, with 40.7 million euros (77% of the total), and even from Castellón, which has less than a third of the inhabitants of Alicante but that receives 8.3 million (15.6% of the total). The study commissioned by the provincial corporation concludes that there is an “abysmal territorial gap” and that the province loses more than 15 million euros a year in cultural development, according to its population, in relation to Valencia and Castellón.

The comparative report made by the Provincial Council has been provided to the Generalitat in the framework of the bilateral commission convened between both institutions to try to organize their relations and redefine competences; a channel for dialogue that, for the moment, has not managed to smooth things over or forge agreements. In fact, from the provincial institution they assure that they have not yet received a response to the formal request for the Autonomous Administration to assume a part of the cultural costs financed by the Provincial Council in order to reach, they say, a balance similar to that of Valencia and Castellón . Specifically, the Alicante institution ensures that it allocates 19.2 million to cultural spending (8% of its total budget) compared to the 4% reserved by the Valencia Provincial Council and 5% that of Castellón.

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The corporation chaired by Mazón, says the report, has to fully support the Alicante Provincial Council Auditorium (ADDA) and its symphonic orchestra, with a budget of 6.5 million without any contribution from the Generalitat, while similar musical centers with their respective orchestras are fully funded by the Generalitat, such as the Castelló Auditorium and Conference Center (2.6 million euros) and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía de València, to which the Generalitat contributes 19.3 million euros through of its foundation.

Regarding museums and exhibition centers, the Provincial Council indicates that it maintains the Provincial Archaeological Museum (Marq) with a budget of 3.8 million, the Juan Gil Albert Institute of Culture, with 1.4 million, and the Museum of Fine Arts from Alicante (Mubag) with 400,000 euros. Among them, it stands out that only the Marq receives 140,000 euros from the Generalitat. However, the report highlights, in the province of Castellón the Autonomous Administration finances “practically the entire cost of similar museums”, such as the Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló and the Museo de Bellas Artes de Castelló; while in Valencia it finances the IVAM with 11.15 million, and the Museum of Fine Arts with 5.4 million euros.

The document concludes that the Alicante Provincial Council invests an amount of more than 12 million euros from its budget to support provincial cultural centers, a cost not assumed by the Valencia and Castellón County Councils, given that they are financed by the Generalitat in their territories. . A financial effort in Alicante that, he emphasizes, “is essential to fill the gap in the cultural policy of the Generalitat in the province.” For this reason, it concludes by requiring the Autonomous Administration to assume immediately at least a part of that cost borne by the Provincial Council.

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