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The Generalitat plans to repair the facades of the La Sang neighborhood in Alcoy

The neighborhood of La Sang, located in the center of Alcoy, presents deficiencies since its construction. LNeighbors have had to face numerous repairs, both inside and outside the houses, but the constant detachment of the facades has forced them to demand definitive solutions from the different public administrations, since a complete rehabilitation of the cladding it is economically unaffordable for the owners.

It was at the end of the 80s when the City Council, in the hands of the Generalitat, promoted an intervention project in the old town through the SEARCH for plans. The neighborhood of La Sang was one of the interventions that were carried out, where the then Valencian Housing Institute (IVVSA) built 143 social housing and commercial premises.

Although the project began in 1991, it was not until 2000 that the keys were handed over. Practically from the first day the residents began to detect deficiencies both inside the floors and at a structural level, highlighting as the main problem the detachment of the stones that cover the facades, pieces of more than 5 kilos and 6 centimeters thick that fall onto public roads with the risk that this entails.

In these twenty years the owners have denounced the situation on many occasions and have asked the public administrations for help. They have even formed their own neighborhood association. In addition, the issue has been prosecuted since more than a decade ago a group of neighbors decided to file a complaint.

In the journey of looking for a solution to rehabilitate the facades, the owners presented a proposal to the participatory budgets of the Generalitat, through which it is planned to allocate 13.7 million euros to projects in the Central Comarcas. The neighborhood initiative has obtained the 150 guarantees necessary to move on to the next phase, and now the technicians of the Department are studying the technical and economic feasibility of including the project.

This same week the mayor of Alcoy, Toni French, the councilors of Urbanism and Housing, Jordi Martínez and María Baca, and neighborhood representatives have met with the general director of Quality, Rehabilitation and Energy Efficiency, Alberto Rubio Garrido, who “has assured” that the La Sang neighborhood project will be financed by the Generalitat through participatory budgets in the exercises of 2022 and 2023.

“He told us that he would report favorably and that this implies that there will be funding, but we remain expectant waiting to see how the participatory process progresses,” explained the president of the neighborhood association, Diego Fernandez, while he recalled that “we still need to vote.”

On February 14, the Department will announce which projects are viable and “if all of them do not exceed the 13.7 million euros that are available for the Central Regions, we can assume that the Generalitat will rehabilitate the facades”, otherwise “there will be to wait for the voting process ”, has detailed Fernández, who trusts that this is the way to put an end to two decades of claims.

The City Council orders the drafting of the project

The Alcoy City Council, According to the head of Housing, María Baca, she has already commissioned the drafting of the project to rehabilitate the facades of the La Sang neighborhood, a fundamental step both to develop the action and to request certain financial aid. Therefore, from the neighborhood association they continue to demand that “progress be made in this phase”, as well as recalling that the municipal plenary session unanimously approved the drafting of a report and the project and seek funding. The owners regret that the procedures are “so slow” after 20 years.

Replacement of stones that fall on public roads

The requirements to repair the coating respond to complaints and do not require a total action

The Councilor for Housing, Maria Baca, has explained that the requirements that some residents of the La Sang neighborhood have recently received to repair their facades respond to complaints that “citizens made through the Green Line” and that these do not require a global action, but rather that they “replace the pieces that have come loose.”

The municipal official wanted to explain the situation after the owners made public last week that they had received “an order to fix their facades.” At that time, as this newspaper collected, the president of the neighborhood association, Diego Fernandez, He denounced this situation and recalled that there is a plenary agreement for the City Council to draft the rehabilitation project for the lining of the buildings in the neighborhood and seek financing.

The owners are aware, and have stated this on numerous occasions, that the facades are “not in good condition”, but they cannot cope with repairs of such magnitude within the period required by the local administration, which, as they have pointed out, it is ten days.

María Baca highlighted the “uniqueness” of the La Sang neighborhood, while lamenting the problems that residents are suffering, but also insisted that it is the obligation of the neighborhood communities to keep the facades in good condition and prevent them from being damaged. produce landslides. However, he has insisted that the requirements require the replacement of the pieces that have fallen onto the public highway and not the total repair of the coating.

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