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The Generalitat rules out that the death of a teacher who received the AstraZeneca in Alicante is due to the vaccine




A professor passed away last weekend in Alicante few minutes after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine against coronavirus. She was one of the 77,975 teachers who have been administered in the Valencian Community, without officially recording serious adverse reactions in the region directly related to the vaccine against the Covid-19.

Sources of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health consulted by ABC They pointed out that an investigation has not been opened at the moment nor has any pharmacovigilance alert been activated on this case – which has been advanced by the newspaper “Information”-, in which the autopsy will determine the causes of the teacher’s death. The Generalitat Valenciana rules out that death is related to hypothetical side effects of the vaccine AstraZeneca.

[Investigadores valencianos no detectan un aumento del riesgo de trombosis en los vacunados con AstraZeneca]

Unlike this case, in which the teacher suffered a cardiac arrest, the Generalitat Valenciana did officially notify on March 19 three cases of thrombi suffered by people who were injected with this vaccine, considering that there was scientific evidence.

[Estos son los grupos de población que se vacunarán del coronavirus esta semana en Valencia]

For March 31 and April 1, another 52,000 people from educational centers are summoned in the 25 vaccination posts that have been installed in the Valencian Community, to inject them with doses of AstraZeneca, the one assigned for this population group.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, only eight percent of teachers have refused to get the vaccine so far.

The device made up of 250 teams of professionals has allowed 54% of professionals to have already received the first dose.

Campaign «fluid»

For its part, the teachers union STEPV has positively valued this Monday the organization of the vaccination campaign of the workers of the education centers of the Valencian Community, developed between Friday and Saturday. The second part is missing, which is scheduled for Wednesday the 31st and Thursday the 1st of April.

In a statement, highlights the organization «fluent, agile and quick“And that all those summoned were able to get vaccinated” without problems “, something that relates to the planning of the campaign and the good work of the health workers.

After following up on the possible low, STEPV has confirmed that a part of the teaching staff has not been able to attend work this Monday because they had symptoms caused by side effects of the vaccine. Of course, in a “very small” percentage that has not prevented the centers from opening their doors.

The group of non-university teaching teachers is already vaccinated and Higher Education personnel do not enter this vaccination phase because the Ministry of Health does not consider it an essential service. STEPV disagrees and launched a campaign demanding his immediate vaccination.

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