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The Generalitat will decide on Thursday if it relaxes the restrictions due to the coronavirus

The Vice President of the Council, Mónica Oltra

The Vice President of the Council, Mónica Oltra

The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, said today that the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in the Valencian Community continues to present “unbearable figures” as those registered yesterday, when they occurred 3,065 new positive cases and 92 deaths (1,099 and 43, respectively, in Alicante). With these data, the spokesperson for the Valencian Executive has affirmed that any de-escalation measure to relax the current restrictions will depend on evolution of the pandemic situation.

The regional spokeswoman has anticipated that the meeting of the Interdepartmental Table for Prevention and Action against covid-19 and it will then be how much the adoption of measures on the possible de-escalation is valued, always based on epidemiological data.

Oltra, during her weekly appearance after the plenary session of the Council, has been asked about the Botànic’s roadmap to carry out the possible de-escalation. In this regard, the vice president has stated that it is “obvious that we have to prepare little by little” for this de-escalation, although she has focused on the rebound recorded yesterday. “I’ve said it many times, we all feel like it, we are all affected by pandemic fatigue, but the president (Ximo Puig) has already said that the de-escalation will be slow and gradual, with decisions based on the epidemiological situation and on protecting people’s health and lives, “he specified.


Oltra, who directs the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies, has detailed that in nursing homes for the elderly 95% of users have already received the first dose of the vaccine against covid, while 61% of the total have also received the second dose. In this way, 2,530 inmates and 24 workers would remain to be vaccinated.

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The vice president has been questioned as to whether she has already received a response from the second vice president of the central government and minister of Social Affairs, Pablo Iglesias, about her request to intercede with the Ministry of Health as long as it is allowed vaccinate caregivers together with dependents who are under their care. In that sense, he has stated that he has not yet received a reply, while he has stressed that they await his intervention “so that these profiles are included in the vaccination”, as agreed with the Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barceló. A request that, in any case, has also been made by the Inter-territorial Council, where it was rejected. Even so, he has trusted that “the next meeting of the Interterritorial Council will be included or see how it can be arbitrated directly from the Ministry of Health.”

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