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The Generalitat will equip and open the Alcoy center for the mentally ill

The Generalitat will equip and open the Alcoy center for the mentally ill

The Generalitat will equip and open the Alcoy center for the mentally ill

The Generalitat has accepted the transfer of the building that will house the Specific Center for the Mentally Ill (CEEM) in Alcoy, which will also function as a day center and will serve the entire region. The Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV) published yesterday the free reception of the property by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model, which is a definitive step for the Council, in this case the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies, equip the facilities with equipment and personnel so that they can finally become operational.

The building is located in Barranquet de Soler, between the Santa Rosa and Ensanche neighborhoods, and has an area of ​​more than 8,200 square meters. The facilities will have capacity for 60 places, 40 in the specific center and the remaining 20 in the day center. The transfer to the Generalitat must put an end to a slow process that has lasted for ten years, in which the ball has been successively passing from the roof of the autonomous government to that of the City Council, which was initially going to be the manager of the facilities. Meanwhile, the big losers have been potential users and their families, who have not been able to have specialized agencies that, in theory, should have been operational in a much shorter period of time.

The construction of the CEEM dates back to 2010, when the then Minister of Social Welfare, Angélica Such, laid the first stone of the works. The works to raise the building, at a cost of 3.6 million euros, were due to be completed in ten months, but various defaults by the Generalitat and bureaucratic problems with the construction company delayed its completion. Once the property was finished, given that it was municipally owned, the City Council had to cede it to the Consell, something that did not occur until January 2017, almost four years ago and with a different political color from the initial one in the two administrations involved, when the municipal plenary session unanimously approved this procedure. One of the causes of this delay was various improvements required by the Department, both inside and outside the building. To this we must add that the items announced at first for the equipment of the property were not consigned in the regional budgets.

However, not even the plenary agreement of January 2017 led to the start-up of the facilities, since the Generalitat demanded as a condition to receive the building the repair of damages caused by acts of vandalism. The cost of this amounted to about 300,000 euros, paid by the City Council, since, among other damages, the electrical installation had been started and the engine rooms were razed. The works were not finished until spring 2019; It was then that the City Council finally received the building.

The same June of last year, the City Council agreed to assign the property to the Generalitat, but until yesterday a procedure was not formalized that at the beginning of 2020 was already taken for granted. Now, with no more bureaucratic obstacles pending in theory, the start-up of the facilities should finally take place in the short term.

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