Wednesday, October 27

The Generalitat will have to publish the algorithms it uses for public management

Is about the obligation of the Generalitat to make public the list of algorithmic or artificial intelligence systems that have an impact on the provision of public services. The proposed form is one of the 43 amendments agreed by the tripartite and that will be incorporated into the text pending debate and approval in the Corts.

The proposal, that bears the signature of the three parliamentary groups of the left, obliges the Autonomous administration to make transparent the algorithms that now or in the future are handled in administrative procedures or in the provision of public services.

Specifically, and as stated in the amendment that has gone ahead, this information must include “the description in an understandable way of its design and operation, the level of risk that they involve and the point of contact to which to be able to address in each case, in accordance with the principles of transparency and explicability ”.

The proposal specifies that the information must be understandable and include a contact for clarification


Although the matter, thus exposed, may seem somewhat remote for the public. Even, for some, it may sound like science fiction, but nothing could be further from reality in an increasingly technologically advanced world in which the use of big data is common and not only in large business corporations.

In fact, the use of artificial intelligence for the design of public policies is a fact, as well as the requirement that these mathematical formulas sare publicly accessible. It is a way for citizens to monitor possible discrimination in the design of procedures and even in the provision of public services.

In fact, one of the most heated debates currently in the scope of transparency has to do with the advertising of these algorithms, information that is not easy access.

An algorithm is like a recipe, an automated protocol to produce results, but which may contain biases. Accountability specialists say that to correct them transparency is important, something that is not so easy. Recently, Civio, an independent foundation that fights against opacity, succeeded in getting the Council of Transparency of the State Administration give him part of the reason in his claim to access the algorithms on which the concession of the social electricity bonus had been based.

When the new transparency law move forward (disagreement over the council could block it), the citizens of the Valencian Community may claim from the administration access to computer programs from which decisions on procedures and public policies are made. An unprecedented advance in regional legislation in other territories.

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