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The Generalitat will not maintain the curfew as of May 9, but measures will be passed through the TSJC




«As of May 9, the night confinement will be without effect. The perimeter confinement of Catalonia is also declining ». With these words, Pere Aragonès, acting president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, announced this Tuesday that the Govern will not adopt any measure in the line of maintaining the curfew or regional perimeter, that will be up at midnight next Sunday. The Government will wait to analyze the measures approved today by the Government of Spain to, if necessary, adopt new measures.

In any case, the Catalan Government intends to maintain some of the measures that are currently in force, such as that of set the number of people who can meet at six, both in the private and public sphere, except for justification and with sanitary restrictions, or restrictions on nightlife. The new measures will have to have approval of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

Aragonès, accompanied by Meritxell Budó, spokesperson and acting counselor of the Autonomous Presidency, has indicated, after the weekly ordinary Executive Council meeting, that the Govern “Adopt containment measures” according to needs to continue fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. And, therefore, they do not rule out “any measure” as the epidemiological data become known.

“We do not need legislative amendment”

Regarding the legal framework of the measures that are now applied in Catalonia and that will continue from May 9, or those that are approved as new, the Government considers that “As of today we do not need any urgent legislative amendment”, Well, the acting president of the Generalitat has indicated, they are applicable with “the legal coverage that we have today.”

Neither Aragonès nor Budó have wanted to specify how the measures that are already applied or the new ones that are approved will be legally articulated and have asked for time to analyze the framework approved by the Government. «Uncertainty advises to wait a little. We do not want to introduce more confusion. When the state framework is clear, we will do it solidly. It costs nothing to wait a few days, it is a matter of common sense ”, added Aragonès.

In this way, the idea of ​​the Government is make the measures more flexible from the weekend and maintain them as long as epidemiological data are maintained and vaccination progresses. In the next few hours (between today and tomorrow), the acting advisers of Health and the Interior, Alba Vergés and Miquel Sàmper, respectively, they will announce in a press conference the new measures to be applied from the weekend. Aragonès and Budó have valued the current situation positively, but have reiterated that “We must continue to fight against Covid-19” and “adjust our social activity to reduce the number of infections.”

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