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The Germans Gündogan, Rüdiger and Gosens doubt the party of England | Euro 2020

Joachim Löw will be forced to make late fitness calls to Ilkay Gündogan, Antonio Rüdiger and Robin Gosens ahead of Germany’s round of 16 meeting with England at Wembley on Tuesday. The trio, usually headlines, were among the group that arrived in London on Monday, but doubts remain about their availability.

Löw explained that Rüdiger and Gosens are suffering from “minor infections” and “tiredness” that the coach compared to a cold, with Gündogan trying to shake off a head injury. “We decided with the doctors on match day,” Löw said. “Maybe they [Rüdiger and Gosens] It will wake up and feel fine, but it might get worse overnight, so we have to wait. I don’t know if these three will be available to us, I can’t say that. But [if not] we will have other solutions ”.

In specific reference to Gündogan, the German coach said: “Ilkay suffered a cranial hematoma. He felt a little better today, yesterday he still felt a bit dizzy, especially in practice, so we said we had to stop his load. He did a good job today, so we’ll decide tomorrow. “

Staff disruption is the last thing Löw needs amid criticism related to Germany’s performance thus far. Given that the 61-year-old must leave his post at the end of his team’s career, it is perhaps telling that the German media asked Löw if he had contemplated that the Wembley match would be his last in the position.

“I thought about that for two seconds when one of your colleagues asked and now they ask me again,” Löw said harshly. “I do not think about that. I have so many other thoughts in my head right now. There is great expectation, that is why you become a coach. My passion is competing in games like this. My focus is on the match and I hope we succeed.

“All the games that have taken place between England and Germany, one speaks years after them. This is a game that electrifies everyone. It is in or out, now or never. There is only one winner and one loser, so the stakes are high. I can feel that we are very motivated, all the players are, and we have analyzed the England team. We look forward to this great meeting. “

Manuel Neuer will join Harry Kane in wearing a rainbow captain’s armband for a game that has often had friction as a backdrop. The players from Germany will kneel before kick-off together with their English counterparts. “We want to show solidarity with the English team,” Neuer said. “We really didn’t have to discuss it much.”

Löw fully supported his players’ pre-game action. “I have said it many times: we defend all these values ​​and we want to demonstrate it,” he said. “We discussed it within the team, they decided and they told us they wanted to kneel. This is a great sign and a great sign. “

What threat Kane can or cannot pose during play is a subject of much debate. Addressing the Tottenham forward’s arid tournament, Neuer warned: “It is always a dangerous sign if a forward expects a goal. You will be fully motivated, 100%. We know it; He is very dangerous in the area, with both feet, big in the air and dangerous from set pieces ”.

Löw, while also praising Kane’s abilities, played down the idea of ​​his defenders paying special attention to the 27-year-old. “He can score goals in any situation,” said the coach. “Special measures? Of course we have to be focused, but England also have Sterling, Foden, Mount, Sancho, Rashford. They have a lot of strong attacking players. Their attack is a real threat.”

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