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The Girl with Literary Ambitions Responding to Fan Mail for Salinger and Six Other Films of the Week | Culture

This week hits theaters Dreams of a writer in New York the testimony of Joanna Rakoff, a girl with literary ambitions whose first job in New York, at the agency that represented JD Salinger, consisted of responding to letters sent by her admirers. The screens project the terror of The Warren File: Forced By The Demon, the eighth film in the saga. On the other hand, two comedies: A little setback About the devilish speed of adult life, and Gaza my love, a fable about the autumnal love between a single fisherman and a neighboring seamstress and widow.

Among the cinephile bets for these days are the Danish diplomatic resistance against Nazism in The Good Traitor; the second film by María Pérez Sanz, Karen, where singer Christina Rosenvinge becomes writer Isak Dinesen; Y Shorta, one that shows through a violent police day the racial tension in a ghetto of Arab immigrants in Copenhagen.

The films have been reviewed by Carlos Boyero, Elsa Fernández-Santos and Javier Ocaña.

Sigourney Weaver and Margaret Qualley, in 'Dreams of a Writer in New York'


The testimony of Joanna Rakoff, a girl with literary ambitions whose first job in New York, in the agency that represented Salinger, consisted of responding for a year to the letters that her fans sent her and she connected with them over the phone. All this under the tutelage of Salinger’s wise, elegant, and very lively literary agent.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, in 'The Warren File: Forced by the Devil'.


Ed and Lorraine Warre’s married couple face a new case involving Arne Cheyne Johnson, who is accused of murder after being possessed by a demon. Set in the 80s.

Zahra Newman and Rafe Spall, in 'A Little Setback'


Teddy wakes up the morning after their wedding to discover that it is their first anniversary: ​​with each passing day, he skips a year in time. His wife is pregnant, he does not remember what happened and ends up trapped in a cycle of time jumps.

Ulrich Thomsen, and 'The Good Traitor'.


The diplomat in charge of the embassy in Washington in 1939 decided to declare himself an independent ambassador and true representative of a free Denmark, after the German invasion and the docility of a puppet national government and a frightened king.

Alito Rodgers and Christina Rosenvinge, and 'Karen¡.

KAREN. Maria Perez Sanz

A woman universally known by her literary pseudonym, Isak Dinesen, walks through a house and landscape alongside the man who accompanied her on her African adventure, her Somali servant Farah. Together they will return to the rooms of the lonely memory of the author.

Image from 'Shorta'.

SHORTA. Anders Ølholm and Frederik Louis Hviid.

Two antagonistic policemen. One is a violent racist always ready to suspect young people of African origin. The other bites his tongue at the xenophobic outbursts of his colleague. Cornered by the violent urban guerrillas leading the riots caused by the death of the young man suffocated by the police, the two men will face their own survival in hostile territory.

Hiam Abbass y Salim Dau, in 'Gaza my love'

‘Gaza mon amour’: a song to life even in hell

Issa, a 70-year-old fisherman, is secretly in love with Siham, a woman who works in the market with her daughter Leila. One day, he discovers an ancient phallic statue of Apollo in his fishing nets, hides it, and begins to have more confidence to approach it.

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