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The glory of a young man: Venezuelan Keydomar Vallenilla adds a new medal for Latin America

Vallenilla was only behind the Qatari Faris Ibrahim, who achieved an Olympic record.

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While all eyes were on athletes like Yulimar Rojas, Antonio Díaz and Daniel Dhers, weightlifting struck the table and awarded a new medal to Latin America. After Julio Mayora obtained the first medal for Venezuela, Keydomar Vallenilla gets on the podium at the Olympic Games and wins the silver medal at Tokyo 2020.

Getting up very early has been worth it. A new Olympic medal for Latin America has caused a furor. In the 96 kilogram category, Keydomar Vallenilla fulfilled the Olympic dream and placed the tricolor flag on the podium in Tokyo again.

Vallenilla, from 21 years old, he lifted 172 kilograms on his first attempt. But finally, he finished the start with 175 kilograms that left him very well stopped for the clean and jerk.

Already at this stage, the Venezuelan had a clear goal: to get on the podium at the Olympic Games. Vallenilla started with 210 kilograms on his first attempt at the clean and jerk. However, this was more than enough to accumulate 347 kilograms, since he would fail his other two attempts of 215 and 216 kilograms.

In this sense, the Caracas weightlifter gave him the second medal to Venezuela in this edition of the Olympic Games and in this way the Creole participation in Rio 2016 is equaled. Vallenilla’s medal is number 19 in the history of Venezuelan sports.

Words of pride from Keydomar Vallenilla’s mother

Happy and excited, thank you my God (…) We are super proud of him, he has been working for this for a long time, it’s her dream. It is the dream of the whole family, we love it. It’s pride, it’s my baby, my bear, my everything (…) I’ve been awake since 12 at night (…) he’s a very disciplined child, ”said the athlete’s mother in a statement for Marca Claro.

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