Sunday, May 9

The Golden Ratio – Information

There is a mysterious, magical number, the peak of beauty, which represents the perfection of nature, the subtlety of proportion. A more aesthetic and artistic number than pi, which hides everywhere we look: in music, sculpture, painting, architecture and science. In our own body. The mathematical metaphor of beauty. It is the golden number or number of God, also known as the fi or phi number in honor of Phidias, the famous Greek sculptor. There are countless works of art and creations of nature that contain the number of gold in their proportions, which gives them sublime beauty and an almost mystical value. It is an irrational number that, beyond arithmetic, in geometry has a particular presence in the pentagon. And this harmony between five elements, with its vertices, segments and its magical balance, is the same that HLA Alicante has found in basketball, a team that does not know defeat in 2020 and that leads its LEB Gold group alone.

That pentagram that Rivero puts on track in each confrontation has been able to achieve the golden ratio of beauty in sport: the balance between an asphyxiating defense and an unparalleled attack, with Zohore and Bilbao in the zone; the gear between the veteran Huertas, Urtasun and Llompart with the youth of Galán, Chumi, Rodríguez and Arcos; the harmony in the circulation of the ball and the reading of the game, from the triples of Martínez and Urtasun and the penetrations of Chumi to the reversals of Zohore and the mate of Arcos; the sheer beauty of Pitts’ bombs and the precision of each of the tactical movements that last Friday gave Lucentum a resounding victory over their main rival up to that point, TAU Castelló. It does not matter which pentacle is on the court: Pedro Rivero and that golden triangle that he forms with Antuña and Carrillo have found the formula for success, the balance of the pentagonal star on the court, moving the pieces until they achieve the perfect golden spiral that cancels out opponents and turns the HLA into a perfect geometric machine.

There is enormous beauty in mathematics. The numbers fill everything, they surround us invisibly and keep mystical secrets. The ratio of female to male bees in a hive. The structure of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. The arrangement of flower petals. The distance from the elbow to the fingers. The architecture of the Parthenon or the Pyramid of Cheops. Da Vinci’s paintings. The conches. Stradivarius violins. All calculations inevitably lead us to the phi number, the golden number, of infinite decimal places (1’61803…). The golden ratio helps us understand the proportions in geometric objects, not as a unit, but as a relationship or proportion. One of the great treasures of geometry. If algebra doesn’t interest you much, don’t worry. You can see this golden ratio between the elements of the set on the floor every time you play the Lucentum. Sporty beauty in its purest form. Poetry in motion. The golden ratio made basketball.

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