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“The Good Fight” runs out of its villain

Christine Baranski es la protagonista de The Good Fight.

Christine Baranski es la protagonista de The Good Fight.

Since its inception, The Good Fight has had a powerful villain. A shadow enemy whose pulse did not tremble when it came to sending his acolytes to get rid of a prestigious law firm controlled by African-American partners and to which he had declared war. It is neither more nor less than the still acting president of the United States, Donald Trump. Diane Lockhart’s face (Christine Baransky) watching on television how Trump proclaimed himself 45th president of the country after the elections four years ago it said it all. The series that began as a spin off of The Good Wife managed to survive the absence of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and made anti-Trumpism a hallmark. Since the pilot episode, the new judicial procedure created by the marriage Robert y Michelle King has been in a permanent campaign to evict the leader of the tantrums and bravado of the White House and banish populisms. It’s something that these same creators have been doing in their other series. In the Braindead satire we were presented with a Washington controlled in the shadows by alien parasites feeding off the brains of its politicians by waving the flag of the twitching; while in Evil, a team investigating demonic possessions he was facing a mysterious man who spread hatred throughout the world. The parallels with the political reality of the country are more than evident.

After a season four that had to end abruptly Due to sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic and with the announcement by several of its actors that they will not continue in the series, The Good Fight now faces the possibility that Trump will no longer be in power when the new episodes are broadcast. . Nor Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) ni Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) will be in the cast next year. In the same way that shortly before the character of Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie) the one who was leaving. Even its mother series had to get by without two of its main characters. The relays in the distribution from one season to another is something we are more than used to. Although the Will Gardner (Josh Charles) was especially painful. Now it is Trump who is leaving. We all take it for granted that the series can survive the departure of this or that character, but the great unknown is what will become of it without its great villain.

After four years of campaign it seems that they have succeeded, Trump has lost. He still threatens to continue to wage war on accusations of electoral fraud, but everything indicates that when the fifth season is broadcast he will no longer be in power. Nor can it be said that it was something unforeseen. The possibility of Trump losing this year’s election by force had to enter his plans. Although when they got to work on the new series five years ago, they bet that Hillary Clinton would win. Surely, they must have been the same face as Diane at the beginning of the series.

The plot started with Diane Lockhart having to give up her retirement when she lost all her savings due to a pyramid scheme devised by her financial advisor. The veteran lawyer fell into an African-American law firm that specialized in police violence issues. The work of the office ended up becoming a real pain in the butt of the Trump Administration since thorny issues for the president always landed on it. Even though the man with yellow toupee and orange face He never appeared as a character in the series, many of the lawsuits in the office led to him in one way or another. From the possibility of representing Melania in a hypothetical divorce process, to achieving a video with which Russia would be extorting the president and in which she appeared practicing the golden shower with prostitutes in a luxurious hotel in Moscow. Almost nothing. Throughout these four years, the series has been in charge of reminding us why it is a risk for democracy Let such a subject take the reins of the most powerful country in the world. Even Diane herself wondered if it was not legitimate to use the same weapons as him to unseat him from the Oval Office and resort to extreme methods.

Known is the King’s fondness for drawing inspiration for their plots from real cases published in the media. The series has made an X-ray of North American society in these turbulent years. In this time they have witnessed two great social movements such as #MeToo or the #BlackLivesMatter, the proliferation of fake news or the irruption of extreme right-wing trolls on social networks. The fourth season opened with a fine exercise in irony in which Diane woke up to an alternate reality in which Trump never won the election, but the president was Hillary Clinton. The high price to pay for this idyllic reality was that the producer’s funds Harvey Wenstein they were what had funded the Democratic campaign and paved the way to the White House, because Diane had gotten her acquittal of the complaints that started the MeeToo. Dream or nightmare?

Another of the most interesting plots of this last season was the existence of called Report 618, a secret code invoked by the powerful before the courts to achieve impunity. In the final episode, the writers dared to get into the thorny scandal of the tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, accused of hundreds of abuses of women and minors and with friends in the highest spheres who guaranteed him the same thing that Report 618 did. Investigations into conspiracy theories about the mysterious suicide of the businessman in prison served to close the episode and the season in the style of Citizen Kane from Orson Welles. I open parentheses to point out that on Netflix there is a documentary series to tell us the ins and outs of that process, entitled Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

What will the fifth season of The Good Fight be like? There are loose ends left to be closed in this latest installment, but there are also plenty of hot topics on which the writers have been eager to cast their ironic gaze. Because there is no doubt that the theme of the pandemic is going to be present in the episodes themes. Will there be any lawsuits related to people who drank bleach to fight the coronavirus by believing in the words of their president? The issue of the electoral recount also has all the ballots to appear, if not because it was an issue that was already discussed in the third season of The Good Wife with teams of lawyers from the two main US parties taking their eyes out for the votes of a suspect urn appeared out of nowhere in an electoral college. The grotesque situations that we are seeing on account of the count seem taken from that episode. After having lost three of its main protagonists over the last two years, The Good Fight has the task of having to reinvent itself without Donald Trump. Is it time for Alicia Florrick to cross over into Diane’s life again? Or maybe the time has come for Diane to end her fight. It will be something we have to watch out for in the coming months.

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