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The Government announces the creation of a Spanish Space Agency


Ivn Redondo has advanced it in a congressional committee

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The Government will create a Spanish Space Agency, as announced this Thursday by the director of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, Ivn Redondo, during the Mixed Commission on National Security.

“I announce the creation of the Spanish Space Agency,” Redondo pointed out, without giving more details, while he was explaining the five chapters into which the new National Security Strategy is divided, which will be approved before the summer and replaces the one in 2017.

During his speech, Redondo detailed the structure and main contents of the Strategy, which will consist of five chapters. The fourth of them, as he has stated, articulates an integrated approach where objectives are established and lines of action are detailed, with the main objective of developing the national security system to face the risks and threats that may harm national interests.

Within this chapter, five cross-cutting objectives are established. One of them is “to favor the security dimension in the development of technological capabilities and strategic industries”, an objective that already appeared in the previous Strategy but that “continues to be key in these times of increasingly accelerated technological development and deployment” , as indicated. “And at this point, for example, I announce the creation of the Spanish Space Agency, something that is important to be able to integrate resources,” he added.

A debate with reasons for and against

The creation of a Spanish Space Agency is an idea that has been focusing the debate on the scientific field for years and has its defenders and detractors. “For many years I have been reflecting on whether in Spain we need a Spanish space agency that complements Spain’s space agency, which is the European one,” said the Minister of Science, Pedro Duque, in an online colloquium organized by Executive Forum on 3 of March.

“You can always create more structures, but it is a bit scary (…); creating many public structures is not always the solution to things; we think that, for now, we are going to stay as we are,” he pointed out when asked. about.

As he defended, practically all the investment made in Spain in the area of ​​research and development in the space field comes from the Ministry of Science and Innovation through Government contributions to the European Space Agency (ESA).

Before becoming minister, in July 2015, Duque advocated for a Spanish space agency that would act as the sole interlocutor and have direct access to Moncloa, in the same way that in the United States the NASA administrator has it to the White House, as he commented in an interview with the UPM.

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