Friday, January 21

The Government appoints the feminist activist Violeta Assiego director of Children

Minister Ione Belarra includes Violeta Assiego in her team.

Minister Ione Belarra includes Violeta Assiego in her team.

The Minister of Social Rights, Ione Grass, has included in his team the lawyer and human rights activist Violeta Assiego, What new CEO of Rights of Children and Adolescents.

His appointment seeks to open a new stage in which feminism and civil society play a key role in the development of transformation and future policies in society, explain from the Ministry of Social Rights.

The new head of childhood policies, appointed by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, replaces Gabriel González-Bueno Uribe, at the head of that direction since his appointment by the then second vice president, Pablo Iglesias.

Belarra has also changed the head of the General Directorate for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities from the Iglesias team, appointing Jesus Martin Blanco, a person with a disability, a human rights activist and a feminist, as defined in their social networks.

Violeta Assiego played a key role in the development of the organic law proposal to promote good treatment and eradication of violence against children and adolescents, presented by United We Can in the Congress of Deputies in October 2018, where it coincided with Minister Belarra.

The researcher is known for her activism LGTBI, she gives talks and conferences on sexual diversity and social and gender inequality, topics on which she is the author of several reports and studies.

She is also co-author of the books “Hate Crimes. A Practical Guide for Lawyers” and “Knock Down the Walls” and has worked as a researcher, communicator and analyst on issues related to discrimination, social vulnerability and human rights.

He collaborates in various media such as Info Libre,, El Mundo, Cxtx, El País, 20 Minutos, El País, La Voz de Galicia, Metroscopia, Amnesty International, Murray Magazine.

Among his works are “Analysis of Investment in childhood in the draft of the General State Budgets” for the Platform of Children’s Organizations (2018), the “Situation of street children and adolescents in Melilla” for the University Comillas de Madrid (2017) and “More alone than ever. Child poverty in single-mother homes” for Save the Children (2015).

On his Twitter account, Assiego has shown himself willing to work “tomorrow and when necessary” with children’s organizations, to listen to them and join “the powerful work” they have been doing for so long. “We have a lot to continue doing,” he concludes.

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