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The Government asks to postpone all road trips in the worst storm suffered by Spain in 50 years



The snow has not stopped falling, except for a few minutes, on the streets of Madrid for a day and a half. The Community has been blocked by 60 centimeters of snow, and it will continue for a few hours. Like this uniprovincial region, 38 other provinces suffer the rigors of the “worst storm in 50 years” that Spain suffers. The Government is concerned about the current situation, and they ask to postpone all departures that are not unavoidable, even leaving homes, but it is even more so in the face of the transfer of the storm Filomena to the wave of polar cold that will devastate the country with severe frosts during the next week

The Government has regretted the three deaths that have occurred so far due to the scourge of Filomena. Two people in Malaga and a 54-year-old man buried by snow in Zarzalejo (Madrid) is the death toll of this storm. Shortly after, Carlos Novillo, director of Emergencies of the Community of Madrid, confirmed a fourth dead in Carabanchel.

As far as the roads are concerned, the worst is in three of the main network, one in Gerona and two in Toledo, which are still cut off. In Madrid, air navigation and rail traffic will continue to be closed.

For the Minister of Transport and Mobility, Jose Luis Ábalos, which had said this morning that there had been an unprecedented coordination system, the Government “has been surprised” by the magnitude of the storm Filomena, has assumed. In fact, in a joint appearance with the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the Government delegate in the Community of Madrid, Jose Luis Franco, has confirmed that in two days 30% of the media used throughout 2020, the year of the pandemic, has been exhausted. 1,305 snow plows and 200,000 tons of flux It is the package of means destined by Fomento for this episode of snow. They have operated on 20,000 kilometers of the road network, where several blockades are maintained. Cuenca, Madrid, Toledo and Castellón have the worst situations right now when it comes to walkability. Minister Ábalos has announced that several lanes will be enabled for trucks and past transports to pass so that supplies and main supplies are not cut off. “We knew the storm was coming strong, but we were surprised by the magnitude,” Ábalos has once again recognized.

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The Executive Ministers have announced that 70% of trapped vehicles are already without people trapped inside, despite the fact that the Military Emergency Unit and emergency personnel continue to evacuate some people.

Thousands of trucks are still bagged in service areas where they have received assistance, Marlaska has reaffirmed. The transport sector has been the most affected by this tragedy, which is the most intense storm in the last 50 years. Dozens of transporters are still stranded in some parts of the country, such as Arévalo (Ávila), where 150 people are still cornered in their trucks.

Difficult hours lie ahead. We ask the public to exercise caution. And in the next few days the snowfalls will be freezing. We must postpone all road trips and follow all the indications of the experts if the trip is unavoidable, “asked Marlaska, while both owners have demanded that citizens, who have had an exemplary behavior, remain at their homes in as much as possible.

“There are no reproaches or accusations of powers at any level”: the Government flees from the controversy with other administrations, such as Madrid

They have not dared to put an expiration date on this storm and the recovery of normality, because tomorrow the notices remain active in the center, north of the Peninsula, and in the east, in the Valencian Community. Nor at the exact moment when the Barajas aerodrome and the Cercanías lines will open, although Ábalos has insisted that work is being done to recover some of the lines with the most influx.

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“We have acted with foresight and coordination”

At the press conference, ministers and a government delegate have fled the political crusade with the regional administration of Madrid, for example, with Isabel Diaz Ayuso, in front. “We are in a civil protection emergency and we are working in concert to reverse a difficult situation,” Marlaska explained.

The Interior Minister recalled that the State Meteorological Agency ( Aemet) warned last Wednesday and previous days of the storm Filomena that was going to bring significant snowfall to the country. «Our work can always be improved. But there has been foresight and coordination, “agreed the Minister of the Interior, while the Minister of Public Works has claimed that it is the largest deployment of an operation of this type for episodes” more localized than this one. ” «This is not the time for reproaches or accusations of powers with other administrations. It is time to row together », said José Luis Ábalos.

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