Tuesday, October 19

The Government assures that there will be “to be vaccinated many more times”

Modern vaccine dose preparation against Covid-19.

Modern vaccine dose preparation against Covid-19.

We are going to have to vaccinate many more times. I am not talking about a third dose in this phase, I am talking about next year, the next … Covid-19 is not going to abandon us, there are going to be other phases of vaccination that we are going to have to undergo, not only in Spain “, highlighted this Wednesday the Minister of Science, Diana Morant, in an interview in La Sexta.

The minister has admitted that “there is much left vaccine to inoculate yet ” Worldwide. “The world has much lower vaccination rates, the aspiration has to be talked about globally”, he pointed out, to which he pointed out that “all the research that accumulates will be good for now and for the future” .

In this sense, Morant has commented on the paralysis of clinical trials in humans of the vaccine against Covid-19 developed by the team of the Spanish researcher Mariano Esteban, from the National Center for Biotechnology (CSIC), together with Biofabri.

Specifically, as CSIC sources confirmed to Europa Press, the body is awaiting the report from the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) that will assess the latest clinical trials carried out with the Spanish vaccine, so they do not know the reason for the stoppage of the process.

As reported this Saturday by ‘El Español’, this action was taken after the drug caused lung injury in a monkey. However, the CSIC has denied that the paralysis of the process is due to the death of a monkey.

This phase 1 trial, for which there was to be around a one hundred volunteers, It was going to take place at the Madrid Hospital de la Paz, which had already started looking for them.

“I have to be very rigorous. What there is right now is the presentation of the preclinical results by the researchers to the AEMPS, that once all that documentation has been analyzed, the next phase has to authorize or not that step. There is still no report from the AEMPS nor have the investigations of the investigating team been published yet. There has been noise but I cannot speak of the noise or of the speculations “, the minister has wielded.

In any case, Morant has denied the existence of a “hiatus” in research on this vaccine. “There has been no stoppage. Nothing has stopped, information is being released that is based on few certainties. There is no statement from the AEMPS,” he said.

The minister recalled, however, that “this is only one of those analyzed by the AEMPS, but there are others.” “Spanish vaccines have shown a very high degree of efficacy in the laboratory, which is why we have high hopes,” he applauded.

In spite of everything, he has asked for prudence with science: “There are very complex processes. It is not so easy to produce and encapsulate the vaccine so that it arrives easily and is economically competitive. There are many challenges to overcome. The research is like this, only one in three vaccines goes from the preclinical to the clinical phase and, of these, only one in four ends up being a vaccine that goes on the market. These processes, which are always complex, must be understood as something natural in research. ”

“No matter how far you go” with the development of this and other vaccines, Morant believes that it will have benefits for Spanish science. “There was no precedent in vaccines for humans in Spain. The training that has been done is already in the Spanish system and is being used for other investigations. Spain did not manufacture masks or respirators or vaccines for humans, and right now four Spanish factories are participating in the production of the vaccine, “he said in this regard.


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