Tuesday, April 20

The Government creates a network of 24-hour care centers for victims of sexual violence

A demonstration against the La Manada ruling

A demonstration against the La Manada ruling

The Government will approve in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday the creation of a network of 24-hour comprehensive care centers for victims of sexual violence, whose expenditure will be covered by the European Recovery and Resilience funds and must be ratified at the Sectoral Equality Conference for its transfer to the autonomous communities.

As reported by Equality, these 24-hour attention centers for victims of sexual violence will attend, without the need for a prior complaint, to women over 16 years of age who are victims and survivors of sexual violence, whether the violence has occurred recently or in the past. In addition, it will attend to families or people close to the victim who, due to their particular circumstances, need accompaniment, advice or information.

Women who come to these centers will find professionals specialized in gender, gender approach, human rights, intersectionality, violence against women, sexual violence, trauma, crisis and emergency. Equality’s recommendation is that, at a minimum, the team is made up of a coordinator, psychologists / psychiatrists, lawyers, professionals with specialized skills and training in intervention or containment in crisis or emergency (social workers, social educators, pedagogues or other disciplines ), administrative and cultural mediators and / or translators.

Victim Services

Regarding services, a information line and 24-hour telephone service; interventions will be carried out in crisis or emergency situations 24 hours, as well as individual and / or group psychological interventions; the victim will be accompanied; free shuttle service will be provided; prevention, awareness and political advocacy work will be carried out; and a website will be launched to share information with women.

This initiative was already included in the preliminary draft of the Organic Law of Guarantees of Sexual Freedom, known as the Law of ‘only if it is yes’ and, therefore, in these centers the forms of violence included in this norm will be dealt with, such as aggression sexual intercourse, forced marriages, genital mutilation, pimping, trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, or stalking and repeated harassment, among others.

According to Equality, the creation of this network complies with the international recommendations made, for example, by GREVIO, which called on Spain to set up a “sufficient number” of these centers to attend to all victims and summoned the country for this service to be equipped to “meet all the needs” of these victims, “in the short, medium and long term”.

From Equality they highlight the importance of the approach of this proposal, centered on the victim and survivor. In his opinion, it is “key” to provide each of the services offered. In this sense, they defend that the work of the centers must adapt to the demands, the times and the needs of the victims.


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