Thursday, September 28

The Government Delegation again denies the permit for the July 12 tractor-trailer

Archive image of the tractor-trailer carried out last February. / TODAY

From the Platform in Defense of Our Field they warn that they will appeal this decision to the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura


The Government Delegation in Extremadura has rejected the appeal filed against the tractor raid called for next July 12. Thus, it again denies the possibility of carrying out this demonstration before the headquarters of this institution in Badajoz, in which it was intended to deliver a document with the demands of the group. From the Platform in Defense of Our Field, organizers of the tractorade, announce for their part that they will appeal this decision to the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura

“This decision to prevent the demonstration reflects the authoritarian and undemocratic attitude” on the part of the Government delegate, Yolanda García Seco,” denounces the convening platform in a statement, which will exhaust “all legal avenues in defense of our right to protest in the street.

Likewise, the platform considers in the statement that the freedom and right of expression of Extremaduran farmers and ranchers is being restricted, “something that does not happen in any other autonomous community -they underline-, where this type of protest actions are being allowed ».

Finally, the agrarian associations integrated into the platform insist that, in the event that the tractor trailer cannot finally be carried out, they will carry out the roadblocks announced yesterday, “caused by the delegate’s actions”, and they hope that they will not be unauthorized.

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It should be remembered that the protests have been called by Asaja (APAG Extremadura Asaja and Asaja Cáceres), La Unión Extremadura, Aseprex, the Association of Farmers and Ranchers of Villanueva de la Serena (Agryga), the Professional Association of Farmers of Don Benito and Comarca and the Association of Farmers of Valle del Jerte and neighboring counties, which make up this Platform in Defense of Our Field.

Reasons for the tractor

The president of APAG Extremadura Asaja, Juan Metidieri, assured yesterday at a press conference that the situation “is increasingly unsustainable, not only in the primary sector, but in all sectors of society. This is not just a problem in the countryside, it is a problem for everyone, and in the face of this we are going to have to toughen up the protest measures.”

“We cannot bear the production costs,” said the president of La Unión Extremadura, Luis Cortés. In addition to the escalation in prices and the problem of drought, there is also pressure from the large chains and marketing centers, according to the president of Agryga, Herminio Íñiguez, who warned that “the field is sinking, we are discouraged” .

“We have reached a limit. We no longer know what to do, we have no choice but to make ourselves heard », declared, for her part, Natalia García, president of the Don Benito Farmers Association. “There is no way back. Once this campaign is over, the situation will become tense”, warned the president of Aseprex, Juan Francisco Rodríguez.

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