Saturday, December 5

The Government ends the freedom of education



The Congress of Deputies yesterday approved the eighth educational law during democracy, known as the “Celaá law”, with the provision that it will be sent immediately to the Senate, and returned to the Lower House without any modification to be applied the next school year . With this law, the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias consecrates the demolition of concerted education, outlines the disappearance in ten years of special education centers, repeals the obligation to use Spanish as a vehicular language in the classrooms, designs the progressive eradication of religion, and cultivates the law of least effort, so that passing courses even with failed subjects is a constant. But above all, with this regulation, the Government incurs a violation of freedom.

The infringement of freedoms not only leaves parents with no option to choose the school they want for their children, or to enjoy an economic concert that was designed precisely by the PSOE in 1985, but everything in this law oozes political sectarianism and ideological indoctrination. It is about the umpteenth project of rupture with which this Government, determined to confront half Spain against the other half, intends to radicalize society instead of finding meeting points for a useful teaching model that in no case represents a contempt for public education. This is the most false alibi with which Sánchez has tried to justify an abuse of constitutional guarantees and the rights of hundreds of thousands of families. Naivety aside, no one in Spain trusted that, with Sánchez, the left would promote a state pact for education with the opposition. But neither was it imaginable that he would go so far with a rule that offends common sense and will harm the quality of our already battered educational system.

In democracy, each norm has a unique value. But in the same way that general budget laws are the most relevant in any legislature because they condition the economic present of a country, each education law conditions the future. It is the moral foundation on which the future of a nation rests, the one that shapes its children and young people, and the one that instills – or should instill – the principles inherent in a democracy. However, the “Celaá law” has traces of unconstitutionality from its own pillars. For this reason, the opposition must urgently challenge it before the TC on the same day it is published in the BOE. It is the root of Sánchez’s ideological project for Spain: a society with a single doctrine, incapable of thinking for itself, revenge, and directed by ministries of an “absolute truth” imposed with the exclusive criteria of the left. His plan for the transformation of Spain thus goes through a democratic involution from the schools through a complex web of social engineering that makes up as a hymn to freedom what is nothing but its systematic violation. The Government is trying with the separation of powers, with the harassment of judicial independence, and hiding its real management against the pandemic despite the reproaches and concern of Europe. And also, without agreeing on anything with anyone, except with his nationalist and independence partners, or with Bildu, already dramatically incorporated into the “leadership of the State”, in the words of Pablo Iglesias.

Sánchez has used education as a bargaining chip to buy the stability of his legislature for four years. And it has done so with express processing and without agreeing on a single article with any affected group, something unprecedented. Those are the exclusive ways of a government submissive to blackmail and given over to Iglesias and minority nationalism controlling Spain. The submission of the PSOE to Sánchez is alarming because the educational community has never been acted with such contempt. However, it is not surprising. Socialism, many of whose leaders take their children to subsidized schools, already pointed out ways from the stage of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. What is now is only the last phase of that revisionist project in our history to start a new one. After the “Celaá law” will come the approval of euthanasia, a twist on free abortion, the restriction of religious freedom, false interpretations of equality and sexuality that even feminist groups reject, absolute interventionism in the habits of consumption, a fiscal control of the quasi-Soviet citizen, the rewriting of history … And by then the PSOE will have achieved that Spanish ceases to exist in some autonomies. A matter of few years. Sánchez is no longer content with cutting freedoms by a single vote. It repeals them, and hence the cry of the opposition demanding “freedom.” Deep down, millions of families were robbed of another portion of their freedom yesterday.


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