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The Government immobilizes the yacht of Putin’s former chief of staff in Tarragona on security issues

The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine has ordered the Provisional immobilization in the Port of Tarragona of the megayacht ‘Crescent’registered in the Cayman Islands and 153 meters long and 21 meters wide.

State Security sources have told this newspaper that the owner of the ship is Igor Ivanovich Sechin president of the oil complex Rosneft and former cabinet director Vladimir Putin for security issues.

Before knowing who owned the yacht, the boat had been paralyzed to “collect information confirming the beneficial ownership of the vessel of private recreation”, according to a note from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. One of the objectives of the proceedings was to verify “whether the property, possession or control of the ship corresponds or not to a natural or legal person included in the list from people and entities sanctioned by the European Council as a result of the war caused by the invasion of Ukraine”.

immobilization The State Security Forces have been informed. Civil Guard agents guard the ship. The ownership of the ‘Crescent’ has been shrouded in mystery for years. In 2018, a British pleasure boat trade publication attributed it to the Emir of Qatarin a never confirmed information according to which he was the seller in an operation of 600 million dollars.

This is the third yacht, together with the ‘Valerie’in the Port of Barcelona, ​​and the ‘Lady Anastasia’, in the Marina Port Adriano (Majorca), which immobilized the Merchant Navy and the Ministry of Transport provisionally that week. The ‘Tango’of the Russian tycoon Victor Vekselbergis also immobilized in Palma, as reported by ‘Diario de Mallorca’.

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The ‘Crescent’, which displaces 9,109 tons, was built at the German Lürssen shipyard in Bremen and has 9 suites in its habitable part, decorated by the Italian luxury studio Zuretti. Arrived in Tarragona on November 2, 2021; She had requested departure to the Tarragona Maritime Captaincy on March 4, but did not set sail.

The provisional retention has been communicated to the State Tax Administration Agency, the Money Laundering Prevention Service (SEPBLAC) dependent on Economy and the Ministry of the Interior.

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