Friday, December 9

The Government of Mexico will deploy 3,800 soldiers in Zacatecas in the face of the “national emergency”

Correspondent in Mexico City



After the renewal of the person in charge of Public Security, the state authorities intervened with a deployment of almost four thousand members of the State Security Forces and Bodies to reinforce, or rather provide, security to this Mexican state that suffers from the 128% increase in murders in the last three years. The Minister of Defense, Luis Cresencio, has reported on the deployment that will take place in the area with 210 soldiers plus 250 members of the National Guard who will join the 1,740 and 1,600 troops that guard the area in Zacatecas. A state that serves as a point of union for nine other states, which makes it the ideal point of operations for criminal gangs that operate in the area with illicit merchandise, especially from drug trafficking.

The trigger for this operation, which includes three helicopters equipped with projectiles, was the sighting on Friday of ten corpses hanging over the bridge of a federal highway. They had previously been kidnapped by a large group carrying large rifles. Faced with the wave of violence, up to eight municipalities in the area do not have any police officers due to the massive resignations derived from the 1,500 intentional homicides so far this year. Zacatecas has Fresnillo, a municipality with the highest perception of insecurity among its citizens, and where they are registered 53 murders per monthHowever, in the population of Guadalupe there are up to 221 violent deaths. As reported by the newspaper ‘Milenio’, this violence is perpetrated by groups of drug dealers who confront each other. Due to this fact, the state border will be provisioned with another 360 soldiers to contain the movement of organized gangs.

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Militarization “doing good”

Taking advantage of the situation, the Government of López Obrador will build up nine new National Guard facilities. A civil body created in 2019 that López Obrador wants to reform in a year so that it can join the army and thus advance with its alleged militarization of the sister nation.

The deaths do not stop even before the visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who is on tour in Zacatecas. On the same day of the presidential visit, the Prosecutor’s Office denounced the location of another eight bodies hanging from trees and bridges. The governor, David monreal, belonging to Morena, certified together with López Obrador the “social emergency” suffered in the state he governs. Meanwhile, the well-known strategy of the Mexican president continues with his mantra of «hugs, not bullets»As a strategy to eradicate drug traffickers. Judging by his statements: “We must fight violence by doing good” while supplying Zacatecas with the military. Intentional homicides have recently fallen by 3.4%, but the Mesoamerican country accumulates more than 100,000 violent deaths in three years. This is more than double the number of deaths in the two decades of the conflict in Afghanistan.

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