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The government of the PP of Torrevieja will create a public company to manage garbage collection

Image of street cleaning and garbage collection in Torrevieja, carried out by Acciona without a contract since June 2016. |  J.CARRIÓN

Image of street cleaning and garbage collection in Torrevieja, carried out by Acciona without a contract since June 2016. | J.CARRIÓN

New try. The governing board of the PP in the Torrevieja City Council has approved a minor consulting contract to advise the municipality in the creation of a municipal public company capable of assuming the management of waste collection, street cleaning and coastal cleaning, among others. municipal services, as announced yesterday by Mayor Eduardo Dolón (PP) and the mayor of the Treasury, Domingo Paredes. This public entity would also have as its purpose, on the other hand, the request and management of European funds for the city.

It is the fifth procedure that the City Council has started since June 2016 to legalize the status of a service that Acciona has carried out without a contract since then. First it was the municipalization, then the award by tender for four years – it was annulled with the tenders already presented in 2019-; the 15-year contract -this was lost last December in the evaluation phase of the technical offers-; and a last attempt to explore the path of mixed management. Which was discarded yesterday.

The City Council has created a commission made up of the mayor of the Treasury, Domingo Paredes, the Councilor for Contracting, Carmen Gómez and the mayor himself, which will determine which services are integrated into this public company. Dolón explained that he has given that commission -formed only by politicians- one month to assess what public services the company could provide, and for this he will have that advice hired yesterday, at a cost of 18,029 euros. Specifically, a “technical consulting service for the viability of the constitution of an instrumental entity” (the public company).

There is no participation of qualified technicians in this commission. Something, assured the first mayor, that preserves the work that the technicians will later have to do. The forecast is that the public company will be created in June and it would be entrusted with both the provision of the garbage service and the management of European funds. In the last quarter of the year, according to the local government, the new service could be “awarded” to the providers that are necessary to get the services up and running. Dolón put special emphasis on not “confusing” this alternative of public management with municipalization -which the PP rejected outright during the previous term as opposition to the left-wing government- and that he knocked down with his votes and those of Cs-. In particular, he said because the municipalization would subject Acciona workers, more than 200 permanent and 90 discontinuous permanent workers, to tests of selection and consolidation of public employment, something, he assured, that does not happen if the workforce is subrogated to a public company. The mayor insisted that the public company, which could also integrate urban transport, is the one that in turn hires other external companies to perform services. An aspect of the mayor’s announcement that the opposition does not see anything clear because they understand, as the legislation indicates, that a public company is created to manage and not to assign its role to other private companies.


Valoriza filed an appeal with the Central Administrative Court for Contractual Resources for the municipal decision not to award the tender when it was in the tender valuation phase at the end of last year. The mayor assures that even if the court agrees with the company, it would not have an impact on its new roadmap to carry out a new benefit because in the process that was annulled, the economic bonds had not yet been valued.

Shortly before the press appearance, Mayor Dolón and the mayor of Urban Cleaning and Contracting, Carmen Gómez held a meeting with the members of the Acciona works council in the municipal plenary hall.

Dolón embraces this new option “forced” by the income crisis

Dolón’s announcement rules out the management through a joint venture of that service, for which the PP’s own government team had bet after announcing the non-award of the tender that began in 2019 -announced when it was already in the evaluation phase of the technical offers-. And he opts for a formula close to the municipalization of the service. Term that the mayor wanted to dismiss outright yesterday. Dolón pointed out that his option went through the indirect award of garbage collection and that the public company is conditioned by the economic crisis derived from the utility, in which there is a very significant reduction in income in the municipal coffers.

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