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“The Government pact has been broken due to the disloyalty of Citizens”




Seven minutes later than expected, the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, appeared to report that his decision to call early elections was due to the lack of loyalty of the formation that until now was his partner in the Government , Citizens: «A government that wants to work effectively needs trust and loyalty among its members and support and stability in the Cortes and at this moment that trust It has been broken due to the lack of loyalty of the members of the Citizens party», Pointed out the regional leader, revealing the intention of the orange formation to agree on the Budgets with Por Ávila and PSOE behind their backs:« They have betrayed us ».

Mañueco has addressed the media with a serious demeanor and without admitting questions from the journalists present there.

He began by noting that in the “advanced” legislature he has worked “hard and tirelessly to protect people in extremely harsh situations and to fulfill government commitments.” “I have worked with humility and enthusiasm to improve the lives of the people of this land, presiding over a Government of all and for all because this land deserves everything,” continued the regional leader

“At this time, trust has been broken by the lack of loyalty of the members of the Ciudadanos party. They have betrayed us by agreeing on the budgets behind the back of this president “, the president has already continued in a harsher tone, for whom the passage of the orange formation” is a harmful betrayal for the Community. ” “With this disallowance they break the Government pact.”

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For Mañueco, PSOE, Por Ávila and Ciudadanos have shaken hands “to break the principle of equality and territorial cohesion between provinces ». «The privilege support blackmail works with Sánchez. It doesn’t work with me ”, he also pointed out.

“If someone has wanted me to sell the interest of the whole of Castilla y León to keep me in the chair, they are wrong from beginning to end,” continued Mañueco, who has argued that “above” his position at the head of the regional government, “There are all the people of Castilla y León.” “I risk my personal present for the future of the people of Castilla y León,” he stressed, recalling that his intention was to exhaust the legislature, as “I have repeated over and over again.” But “this situation is unsustainable. It is not acceptable that budgets are agreed behind the president’s back. It is not a problem of quantity but of concept. We are not talking about some economic items but about the model of community and country that we all want ».

Mañueco also recalled that the “stability” in the Cortes had already been broken months ago by the “intrigues” of Mr. Tudanca, following in the wake of Sánchez. ” And as it happened in March, he believes that there was “a certain risk of an imminent motion of censure from the PSOE, Podemos, Cs, turncoats and members of other political forces.” «We are now living in a tense moment due to the pandemic, with the economic recovery of families. therefore a ‘frankestein’ government, also sustained and supported by turncoats, would be disastrous. The stability of this land was at risk. economic recovery, job creation, territorial cohesion and equality, protection of the people of Castilla y León. We cannot put at risk everything that has been achieved so far, “he added, before pointing out that his decision with this electoral advance is to” give a voice “to the people of Castilla y León” so that they can decide with their vote the future they want ». “The options were motion of censure or elections, that the future of the Community be decided in the offices or at the polls.”

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The President of the Board has appeared one hour after announcing on his Twitter profile his decision to dissolve the Courts and call early elections in the Community for February 13, 2022.

“Today, December 20, I have just remodeled my Government, subsequently I have signed the Decree of dissolution of the Cortes of Castilla y León and the advance call of” Autonomous Elections in Castilla y León for February 13, 2022 “, informs the head of the regional Executive.

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