Friday, December 4

The Government prevents Pablo Casado from accessing the Arguineguín pier




The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has traveled this Saturday to the Canary Islands to know first-hand the migration crisis that is taking place in the Islands and denounce the “irresponsibility” of the Government’s policy. In an appearance before the media, Casado has accused Sánchez of “cowardice” for not showing his face in what he sees as the worst migration crisis in Spain in recent decades. The Government has prevented Pablo Casado from accessing the Arguineguín pier, when the PP leader wanted to visit him.

Married, who had the entire schedule prepared to travel to The iron, has had to change plans on the fly, due to a delay in the flight out of Madrid, which has prevented him from reaching the connection with that island. It has finally moved to The palms. The leader of the PP plans to meet with the mayor and with the president of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid, Juan Carlos Lorenzo. In the afternoon he will meet with the president of the Canary Red Cross, Antonio Rico.

The leader of the PP has attended the media at the entrance of the port of Arguineguín, the “ground zero of the worst migration crisis that our country has suffered in recent decades,” he denounced, accompanied by the president of the Canarian PP, Australia Navarro. The Government Delegation has prevented Casado from accessing the entire dock, despite the fact that the PP had previously informed of his arrival, as confirmed by popular sources.

Casado has expressed the solidarity of the PP with “the 19,000 human beings, who many times exploited, have reached the coast in very harsh conditions.” As he has stressed, they are not in the conditions in which they should be. The leader of the PP has thanked the State Security Forces and Bodies and the local authorities for their work, “with very little help” from the state authorities.

Casado is clear that “Sánchez is responsible for this unsustainable situation.” Specifically, the PP leader recalled the call effect that he inaugurated as soon as he arrived at the Government, with a parade of ministers to receive the «Aquarius “, and that appeal of papers for all by Podemos:” That is what makes the mafias end up having as their destination the Atlantic route “, which reaches this gateway to Spain and Europe.

The president of the PP wanted to send a “very clear” message to Sánchez: “He cannot pretend to make the Canary Islands the Lampedusa and Lesbos from Spain, and that it be a migratory plug to cover their incompetence and their lack of leadership.

“Sánchez had to be here and not just send ministers to do nothing. He had to be leading this crisis, “he denounced.

Casado has asked for “solutions” that repatriations be done immediately, that the Immigration law of the year 2000 is complied with, that it be done with serious international cooperation, and with more means, because there are six ministries involved.

«Pedro Sanchez he is absent. It is cowardice not to stand up in this crisis, “he said.

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