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The Government promises that Spain will reach 90% of vaccinated before 2022

A stock image of the covid-19 vaccination.

A stock image of the covid-19 vaccination.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has promised this Sunday that before the end of the year 90% of the population over 12 years old is vaccinated in Spain.

Sánchez has set that goal in his closing speech of the 40th Federal Congress of the PSOE that has been held in Valencia. The chief executive has started his speech referring to the harsh situation experienced by Spain and the whole world in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

But appealing to the slogan of the Congress, ‘We move forward’, he stressed that Spain has made progress to overcome the pandemic and, according to international rankings, occupies the second place among safe countries compared to covid-19 and leads the percentage of vaccinated population in Europe. “Despite the doomsayers, we meet 70% of vaccinated before the end of the summer and we are going to meet before the end of this year 90% of the population over 12 years vaccinated,” he said.

After getting 70% vaccinated, Sánchez presided over an act in Guadalajara on September 2 in which the goal of 90% was set but did not set a timeframe to achieve it. This Sunday he has specified that 90% of those vaccinated over 12 years of age anticipate that it will be a reality before the end of the year.

Thanks the party’s support

In addition, Sánchez thanked this Sunday for the support received by the “great family” of the party during the management of the pandemic, which made “always in the darkest moments” know that “he was not alone” and had them all by his side. “You gave me the strength to make decisions as difficult as the confinement of our country, which saved 500,000 lives; thank you, thank you and thank you, colleagues, Thanks from my heart“, said Sánchez.

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He assured that those in the “hardest” moments of the pandemic were in positions of responsibility always felt the support of the party’s comrades, and he asserted: “When the simple thing was to let yourself be carried away by discouragement, you gave us real support that gave us strength “.

Sánchez has recalled the sleepless nights and the “shrunken chest” moments for the dramas of thousands of people, at which point he mentioned the former Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, who has stood up to receive the applause of the plenary. He has stressed that now everything seems simpler, but it is not, nor was it, although Spain went ahead and today is leading the overcoming of the pandemic and vaccination, which he has attributed to having “more successes than errors.”

The President of the Government stressed that the future is now being faced with confidence and with the legitimacy of having been consistent in the management of the pandemic, because in the most difficult moments they were always very clear about it and were loyal to socialist values ​​and principles and they put ahead the protection of the weakest. “In the worst moments, when we were focused on saving lives, others tried to find a shortcut to reach power,” lamented Sánchez, who has claimed the “legitimate pride” of the socialists for having been consistent with themselves.

Sánchez stressed that the pandemic and the crisis have allowed the socialists to be recognizable because they fulfill their commitments, a “said and done”, because this is “a government that complies.”

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