Friday, October 7

The Government raises the salary by 4%

President Sánchez will receive 90,000 euros and the vice presidents 84,600, while the Royal House maintains its allocation of 8.4 million

Edurne Martinez

The Prime Minister, the vice presidents and the ministers will see their salaries rise by 4% next year, double what they did this year. According to the project of the General State Budgets (PGE), Pedro Sánchez will raise his salary to 90,010 euros per year, which means around 7,500 euros per month. The vice presidents Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera will receive 84,600 euros (about 7,000 euros gross per month); and the rest of the ministers, 79,415 euros per year, which means 6,617 euros gross per month.

This rise is higher than the 2.5% expected for civil servants and deputies -to which an additional point must be added depending on how the year closes in terms of GDP and inflation-. It will be the second consecutive salary increase for the Government, since in 2022 it was raised by 2%, the same as the increase agreed with officials. The previous year, in the midst of the crisis due to the pandemic, they decided to freeze the salary like the rest of the parliamentarians.

As a general rule, all the high representatives of the State will raise their salary by 4% next year. One of those with the highest allocation, the president of the Constitutional Court, Pedro González Trevijano, will go from charging 160,728 to 167,169 euros per year in 2023. The salary of the president of the Supreme Court and the General Council of the Judiciary will rise in the same proportion (CGPJ), Carlos Lesmes: 151,186 euros from the little more than 145,000 euros that he entered this year. Likewise, each of the 20 members of the CGPJ (a body that is in question due to the political difficulties in renewing its members) will receive a total of 130,390 euros in 2023, also 4% more than what they entered this year for their work. .

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The Government gives itself room in the Budgets to extend the anti-crisis plan

The positions that also have salaries above the Prime Minister and whose salary has also been raised by 4% for 2023 are the president of the Economic and Social Council (CES), Antón Costas, and the president of the Council of State, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. The first will charge 98,741 euros a year next year, while the second will enter 90,393 euros in 2023.

The Royal House, frozen

The allocation to the Royal House will remain frozen this year for the third consecutive year. In the 2023 Budgets it will remain at 8.43 million euros. There will be no variations in what the Crown receives from the public accounts, as happened in 2022 and 2021, compared to the slight increase it experienced in 2017 and 2018. In 2019 and 2020, as the 2018 accounts were extended, the departure designated to the Royal House.

To this amount must be added other items distributed in other expenses carried out by different ministries in support of the activity of the Royal House. Thus, for example, the Ministry of the Presidency has reserved for 2023 a game of 7.7 million, half a million more than this year.

According to data from the Royal House, the salary of King Felipe VI is 258,927 euros per year, while that of Queen Letizia amounts to 142,402 euros. For her part, Queen Emeritus Sofía receives 116,525 euros a year. Since March 2020, Don Felipe decided to withdraw the allocation received by King Emeritus Juan Carlos I.

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