Monday, November 29

The Government rejects the conditions of the PP to renew the CGPJ and does not see a need for a call between Sánchez and Casado




No progress. The Government and the PP are further away than ever in many aspects of their institutional relationship. The immediate and most relevant consequence is the persistence in the blockade to renew the General Council of the Judiciary. The coalition government does not accept the proposals made by the president of the PP, who today insisted on his proposal to address this renewal once a reform has been approved that changes the model of election of members in the future to depoliticize the negotiation of the body.

Pedro Sánchez was not far from these approaches when he was in the opposition and the debates around democratic regeneration were the priority of the political debate. But the socialists now reject that idea outright, defending tooth and nail the current model. The Socialists deployed all their offensive in the figure of Pablo Casado. The Government Spokesperson, Isabel rodriguez, has today rejected the condition of the PP to address the renewal. «You have to be resounding. Enough of excuses. There are no excuses for violating the constitutional mandate and this is all the government has to say«.

After the Council of Ministers, and after yesterday the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, was not so forceful regarding this future reform, the Government has wanted to rule out outright entering into that negotiation with the PP. “There is only one party that blocks,” Rodríguez complained in reference to the PP. And defining as “unsustainable” the current situation. The government spokeswoman has been asked in many ways. Will the Government do something beyond blaming the PP? Should Carlos Lesmes and all the members now in office resign? The answer has not been affirmative in any case.

The Government wants to renew the CGPJ. But it is also evident that he has found in this matter an element of simple and clear confrontation with the PP. This political course is one of transition towards the next, already marked by the electoral processes. And the new impulse that Pedro Sánchez has wanted to give the party and the Government has a lot to do with the need of the Socialists to regain ground against the PP. The shock is served.

In this war of positions, the Government aims to wear down Pablo Casado. To the point that he is not going to make any gesture to try to make him change his positions. You are simply required to give in. In fact, spokeswoman Rodríguez has rejected the idea that a conversation between the two leaders has to take place to unblock the negotiations. «I repeat myself. Here the responsibility is Casado. They are behaviors that jump to the bullfight the constitutional mandates. Nobody has to call any Spaniard to comply with the Constitution«.

The government does not want responsibilities to dissipate. Of course they will not reach you. But neither does it want to divert the focus to Carlos Lesmes. In fact, they do not want to capture a clash with him, despite the criticism he launched yesterday about the Government. «Give your opinions. The Government complies with and respects the judiciary ”.

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