Sunday, September 26

The Government revolts against Podemos: “Let’s not shoot the Monarchy”

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo.

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo.

The most repeated word this Tuesday by the Government after the Council of Ministers has been “prudence.” It was directed, above all, to Podemos, a partner of the PSOE in the coalition, with whom in recent days the clashes have multiplied: by the extension of the so-called social shield, labor legislation (with the minimum wage and the calculation of pensions as points of contention) and the attitude towards the monarchy, a sensitive matter in which the morados demand “explanations” from Felipe VI for the conduct of his father, the emeritus king Juan Carlos I, and defend a referendum on the republic. The socialist part of the Executive has revolted against the positions of the formation led by Pablo Iglesias. “Let’s not shoot” against the Monarchy, said the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, because it could “demolish everything” the institutional scaffolding.

Until now, the PSOE, the majority partner, which holds the presidency and all the ministers considered to be of the State, had tried to minimize the discrepancies with Podemos over the Crown. The Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, he always defends Felipe VI, insists that the “political cultures” of socialists and purple are “different” and asks to differentiate between the Monarchy and the behavior of Juan Carlos I, who last week paid almost 680,000 euros to the Treasury to avoid a judicial process for undeclared expenses with opaque cards. But this time the Minister of Justice has gone further.

We are playing with the idea of ​​our State model and it is a vault arch from which we can remove a piece and everything collapses“said the Minister of Justice, who has asked for” prudence “and” tranquility “to Podemos.” We will not shoot, because we can hurt ourselves, “the minister has warned.” It is essential that the Government safeguard all the institutions protected by the Constitution, “added, next to him, the spokeswoman for the Executive, María Jesús Montero.

The shocks

Warnings have occurred hours after two loud clashes between the partners. Early in the morning, sources from Podemos have accused the Vice President of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, of refusing to prohibit supply cuts to the most vulnerable. Faced with the attack, Montero has announced that the Government was going to take this measure against energy poverty. But he has also made clear his discomfort with the purple, by claiming that the “debate”, although “rich”, must take place within the Council of Ministers. “It is essential to work with discretion,” he insisted.

In the Congress of Deputies, meanwhile, The PSOE has once again united their votes to the right to prevent the Podemos petition from being approved to create a parliamentary inquiry commission on Juan Carlos I. The morados have accused the groups that have rejected the initiative of “laughing in the face of the citizenry.”

Until now, Moncloa tried to take iron out of these differences, arguing that the attacks on the Monarchy came from Podemos, the party, and not from its members in the Government. But the different tone used on Tuesday indicates that something may be beginning to change.

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