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The Government turns the arrival of the vaccine to Spain into an act of propaganda



The arrival in Spain of the first coronavirus vaccines it was handled, until this Saturday, under the most absolute discretion. Very few knew the means of transport by which the desired drug would arrive, the time or the place where it would be received. But the discretion, at least the visual one, ended yesterday Saturday at dawn at the ID Logistics warehouse in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara). It was the moment of the photo. There they proceeded to label a purchase negotiated for months by the European Union as “Government of Spain”. Neither France, nor Germany, nor Portugal, nor any other neighboring country did something similar with their respective shipments.

The first doses of the vaccine were distributed, as promised by the European Commission, in a synchronized manner to all member countries. Spain only took charge of the distribution and security of the trip from the Pfizer laboratories in Puurs (Belgium) to the reception points designated by the autonomies. Thus, with telematic monitoring and escorted by the Civil Guard, the truck with the of the ultra-cold containers He entered Spain through Irún on Christmas Day, spent the night in a barracks in Lerma (Burgos) and at 7.02 yesterday he entered the Cabanillas warehouse, just two minutes after the scheduled time.

It is at the arrival of the cargo at the Castilian-Manchego warehouse when the staff of the company ID Logistics places the government logo, at the request of the authorities. «Has been identified here [en Cabanillas] the product, both with the specific labeling of the laboratory and IDL, as well as of the Government of Spain ”, recognized ABC, Raúl Sanz, director of Pharmaceutical Operations for the Iberian Peninsula of the company.


The labeling did not go unnoticed. «First thing about the vaccine: the government’s propaganda poster. They are unpresentable and do not have the slightest modesty or scruples, “said PP senator Rafael Hernando on social networks. «Ministry of Propaganda. There is nothing that they do not touch and contaminate, “said Toni Cantó, spokesman for Citizens in the Valencian Parliament.

Meanwhile, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, applauded the ‘European success story’ what the drug involved. “Very soon we will enjoy more vaccines, once they are proven to be safe and effective,” he said via video message.

The European Commission has been working for months to ensure that the countries of the European Union have up to 1,500 million doses of different types of vaccines, which will then be distributed equitably according to the population of each country and those that Spain receives. 10% will correspond.

‘The Covid vaccine has been supplied to all EU countries, and people will start receiving it in Athens, Helsinki, Sofia … This campaign is going to be a moving moment of unity», Insistió Von der Leyen.

The Government of Spain was left alone yesterday to cover the original packaging of the shipment. In Portugal, where the first 9,750 doses arrived at a warehouse in Montemor-o-Velho, on the outskirts of Coimbra, the images on the boxes lacked a logo and the most striking of those supplied by the Government was a photograph of the Minister of Health of Portugal, Marta Temido, holding a vial of Pfizer vaccine, reports Francisco Chacon. The original box was also not covered in Germany, France, Romania, Belgium or Italy.

On the other hand, in the message published yesterday on social networks by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, or by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the images of the containers packaged under the logo of the “Government of Spain” barely revealed a small strip reserved for the European flag. “A sticker as big as the number of deceased they have hidden”, criticized in another message the PP of the Community of Madrid.

To the queue

Precisely, a recent Bloomberg study revealed that Spain remains in the world tail wagon in health and economic management of Covid: only Italy registered more deaths per million inhabitants than Spain, while based on the official economic forecasts of the different countries, Spain will have to accept a fall of 11.7% in its GDP at the end of the year, the second hardest in the world only behind Argentina.

Apart from packaging, Spain gives this Sunday in Guadalajara the kick-off to the vaccination campaign more anticipated than we have in a century. During the next three months, the Ministry of Health will distribute 350,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine to the autonomous communities weekly. With them, it is expected to immunize 2.3 million people in this first stage: elderly people in nursing homes, users of day centers and those who most deal with them, their workers. The first will be Los Olmos, in Guadalajara. There, at 8.30 am, its 70 users and almost 120 employees will begin to receive the first doses from all over the country.

That of Pfizer and BioNtech is the first vaccine to be distributed in the EU, but the European Medicines Agency has planned a new meeting to evaluate the vaccine from Modern next on January 6.

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