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The Government “welcomes” everyone to the labor reform: an “almost request”, according to Montero

There is less than a week left before Congress votes on the labour reform. And the Government does not have enough guaranteed support. The usual partners of the Executive made it clear this Thursday that they are in the ‘no’, unless they introduce their demands into the text. The PSOE refuses and looks to Ciudadanos and minority parties to achieve the necessary majority. “All the formations that want to support it, are welcome”, said this Friday the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who has launched a “almost beg“for the reform to be validated.

The socialist wing of the Government does not want to modify the text agreed upon by employers and unions. Above all, after the CEOE’s threat to withdraw from the pact if this happens. And, for now, Ciudadanos (9 deputies), Teruel Exists (1), the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (1), Canary Coalition (1) and New Canary (1) They are the only ones willing to support the standard without any changes. But the numbers do not finish giving. The Executive would still need the ‘yes’ of the PDeCat (4) Más País (2) and Compromís (1). The three parties are still deciding the direction of their vote.

“The rest of the formations are welcome if they are validated with a large majority and not even a comma is touched of what it has taken nine months to overcome the black stage of the PP”, said Montero. That is to say, nothing to modify the labor reform. Neither now, nor later, as the second vice president and leader of United We Can, Yolanda, has proposed. Diaz, for drag ERC to ‘yes’. The person in charge of the Treasury, in addition, has assured that the failure of the reform “would take its toll on those who did not support” the text. Once again, it raises the pressure on the members of the Executive.

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increase pressure

The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has influenced this strategy of screwing the Catalan Republicans. “I believe that all political parties with responsibility should join an agreement that very clearly defines and establishes the labor relations of the 21st century and it closes the door to what the labor reform of the PP meant, which created a situation of precariousness and temporality”, he said at an act in Barcelona. “It is an extraordinarily positive reform. We do not contemplate another scenario than its approval and its approval with the highest number of votes,” insisted the head of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, in an interview on Antena3.

The unions have also joined the pressure exerted by the socialist wing. The general secretaries of the CCOO and UGT, Unai Sordo and Pepe Álvarez, respectively, have asked the leftist parties to don’t play the fool and approve the reform out of “democratic conviction”, since it was the result of social dialogue. In addition, they have pointed out that the rupture of the investiture bloc “is not a minor issue with the political scenario that we have above us.”

the other way

While all eyes are on ERC, the only one of the Government’s partners that still leaves the door open to a possible pact, Ciudadanos continues to insist that they will support the rule as long as “not a single comma is touched”. The spokesman for the oranges in Congress, Edmundo Bal, has revealed that these days he has been in contact with the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, to close a negotiation. “I had a conversation with him, I told him what our position is and he promised that during the coming week, since the validation is going to be next Thursday, he would call me,” he said in an interview on Onda Madrid.

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United We Can, on the contrary, is reluctant to let Cs into the equation. During the summer of 2020, the purples got down to work to leave Ines Arrimadas out of any negotiation and now they don’t want to take steps back. To avoid this, Díaz has been negotiating with ERC for weeks, although for the moment the dialogue has not borne fruit. “I don’t know if they know in Catalonia that I never get up from the table. That is to say, I am going to exhaust that negotiation,” he said this Thursday in Barcelona. Sources from his environment assure that “there is still room.”

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