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The Government will justify the pardons in the public utility




The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo placeholder image, has revealed this Wednesday that the “key” on which he will argue the granting of pardons to those convicted of sedition will be the “public utility”.

“That (the public utility) is the true key that a government has to assess when it has to consider, which is what this minister has to do, propose an agreement,” said Campo after being questioned by the PP spokesperson, Cuca gamarra, in the Congress.

That is, “if it is important (the public utility) no longer looking at the people who may be pardoned” because “indeed there are some of these people who have stated that they do not want the pardon,” he added.

In this regard, he has argued that “repentance in its legal-modern conception has nothing to do with that legal-Christian tradition” and that “it is enough” to “abandon the fight against the legal order and start embracing it.” Countryside He has assured that “there are also concepts that are being valued” of justice and equity, but has placed them in the background.

Previously, Gamarra He had argued that there is no justice, equity or public utility required by law for the granting of a pardon. ‘Nobody finds it. The only thing there is is political utility, “he reproached, asking the minister how he will argue the pardons. The Supreme court it demands motivation for each one of them.

The President of the Government has spent weeks trying to focus the political debate on that pardons are the way to coexistence and harmony in the face of revenge and revenge that would mean keeping those convicted in jail. However, he has not explained why in 2019, before the 10-N elections, he assured the opposite: that the proper direction in this matter was for the prisoners to fully serve their sentences.

This Wednesday, with Sánchez absent from Congress for his Latin American tour, the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, has insisted on that argument of concord in the face of the confrontation during the face-to-face that he has also had with Gamarra.

According to number two of the Executive, what La Moncloa is trying to solve is “the territorial disaster” left by the PP “in a constitutional and worthy». To this dignity that Calvo grants to pardons, Campo has added time and again the legality of a measure of grace contained in the Constitution, but which in this case will have to be partial to the report against the Supreme Court. Gamarra, he has accused the Executive of being allied “with criminals” and “teasing the Spaniards.”.

This has been the framework in which the control session of the Government has been developed, just four days before the macro demonstration in the Plaza de Colón against pardons. An initiative to which Calvo has referred disparagingly: «the Colon Square it is trifle and impotence ”, he assured.

Suspicions of a referendum agreed

This has been the most tense face-to-face of the morning. The first vice president has accused the popular of being confronting Catalonia with Spain for “ten long years” because “they have” no way out for the country and he has challenged them to go and collect signatures against the pardons to this community if they are so “brave.”

The popular spokesperson, for her part, has insisted that the pardons have nothing to do with coexistence and territorial harmony but with the maintenance of Sánchez in the power. In addition, he has insisted that the government plans to accept the holding of a referendum agreed in Catalonia, as demanded by the secessionists. «It intends to go from an illegal referendum to a referendum agreed with you outside the Constitution», Has pointed out. An accusation that Calvo He has rejected, assuring that the Government seeks a constitutional solution.

In this same idea that the Socialist Executive is determined to accept the referendum, the Vox spokesperson has also had an influence, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros. “Sánchez’s interest is well worth a table or a pardon, a referendum or whatever it takes,” he has reproached Calvo.

The Vox leader has also assured the Government of being “pardoning the most dangerous murderers in the history of Spain” to ask rhetorically “how can they not pardon the coup plotters and corrupt now?” This statement has especially annoyed the first vice president who has replied accusing the party of Santiago Abascal of “lying in bulk.” “I urge you to say who and when -on the pardons to murderers- and stop lying and convulsing this country that is still going through a pandemic,” he censored.

“Complying with the law does not humiliate anyone”

Campo, for his part, has stuck time and again to the legality of the pardon. “As legal is the granting (of the pardon) as the denial”, has defended Countryside before the questions of the popular deputy Luis Santamaría. “The only limitation set by the law is that (the pardon) cannot be total with the doctrine against the sentencing court,” he explained.

Following this thread, the head of Justice has accused the PP to create a “bad atmosphere” between the institutions, by ensuring that the Government is acting “against justice” and has ensured that the Executive “severely respects the Supreme and abides by its resolutions «. Something, which according to Campo, is not incompatible with the fact that pardon cannot be applied for reasons of »justice, equity and public utility«.

The same argument has been made by the Minister of Justice before the questions of the leader of Ciudadanos, Ines Arrimadas, who warned him that the pardons will be a real “humiliation” for the Spanish and, especially, for the non-independence Catalans. “Whoever complies with the law does not humiliate anyone and the law is complied with according to its possibilities and regulatory environment,” he insisted.

In his opinion, «you have to work a lot» to sew the «social wounds» opened by the 1-O and that to close them «you have to have generosity“And” put the best of us. ”

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