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The Goyas remember Mario Casas | Culture

It is very difficult to catch Mario Casas in a resignation. In the interviews, he does not bring the learned discourse: he hesitates, returns to his words, reflects … But he never says anything too much. The industry loves him: he puts people in the rooms, he is disciplined and hard-working, meticulous (Alberto Rodríguez, who directed him in Group 7, he jokes remembering that he came to shy away from him when he left rehearsals to rest from his questions) and a good guy (his main rival in the Goya, Javier Cámara, says: “I adore Mario”). And yet his candidacy for best actor at the Goya Awards for You will not kill It is the first of his career, something that draws powerfully attention, except for Casas (A Coruña, 34 years old). Have you ever felt a nomination slip away? “Do not [radical]. Each one has its own path, and it has happened this year. I understand that my colleagues value this time in You will not kill and in The practitioner the variety of jobs. Look, I think about it differently: every season you fight with the greatest! I am no longer revelation [carcajada]. Who do you remove from Banderas, Tosar, Bardem, Cámara, Gutiérrez, De la Torre …? They have a weight and a wisdom ”.

Casas has been confined like everyone else, but in 2020 he has released three films, something that very few interpreters have achieved. “In the end, they are films that are made before and that due to various circumstances – among them, that two were released on Netflix [Hogar y El practicante]– they coincide in their launch ”, he reflects. “I work to entertain the public, that’s why we fought for it to reach theaters Thou shalt not kill. And the premiere on platforms, well the same: it was important to entertain people locked up in their homes. I do not forget that this is a team effort, of many, for many others to enjoy ”. They are also very different scripts: a constant in the actor’s career, since he starred in 2010 Neon meat, it is the search for interpretive challenges. “I recognize that I do not want to get stuck in comfortable things or that I have already done. If not, I get bored. I always need to get into quicksand, I am getting older and I can build more complex characters, like the one in The practitioner. Sometimes the bet comes out worse; however, I enjoy the process. “

Rodríguez gave him the first role of father of a family in Group 7 (2012). “He’s a dedicated guy like you can’t even imagine. Tireless. The film was lifted in part because he lowered his salary, ”says the director. “I was not sure about hiring him, due to the blissful prejudices, and in the first meeting the doubts were over.” That shoot was also at the time when Casas was chased by dozens of photographers and fans. “They followed him as soon as he stepped onto the street. There was a day of filming with so many followers that we saw the filming in jeopardy. Someone from production approached one of them, explained the risk, and the next day there were signs that read: ‘If you want Mario, we have to go.’ Anyway, it has a potential and a variety … Look at what Álex de la Iglesia has taken from him, for example, and who stars in Oriol Paulo’s cinema, because it also sells outside ”.

Mario Casas, in ‘The practitioner’. In video, trailer of the film.

Among those risks was also embodying Francisco Boix, the Spanish prisoner portrait of the suffering in the concentration camps, in The Mauthausen Photographer (2018), by Mar Targarona. The director defines it with four words: “Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.” And he recalls: “He was hyperresponsible, professional … And he was hungry and cold on the set, which was very hard, without dinners or twinning. The Academy is late for this recognition. The cinemas fill us up, it’s great … Spain is a country of suicides ”. Casas, on these different roles, reflects: “I think a lot about the public, that’s why I work a lot. As a viewer, I want the actors I admire to surprise me. So, in turn, I want to surprise viewers. Let them notice my effort, my change, my work. I leave my life in every movie. Each character affects me, over the years I feel that my personality has been partly shaped by the roles that I have played ”. And he confesses who he venerates: “I have devotion to Bardem, he is among the five best in the world, he is a beast. Don’t compare me to him, I’m going home, I get into bed and hide. Comparisons are an easy, tricky resource: one day you’re upstairs and the next day you’re no longer working, like on a roller coaster. The advice I’ve always received from other actors is: ‘Work, work, work.’

Family entourage

Over the years, Casas has built an entourage that is born out of his family. Mario is the oldest of five siblings, his sister Sheila has been his lawyer and representative for five years, his brother Christian is his accountant and Óscar follows in his interpretive footsteps (there is a fifth younger). “They are the ones who know me best”, he says, “and they tell me the truths; They are my amulet, I always pass the scripts to them, and in that circle of five, six people, there are very different tastes, I receive very different opinions ”. He, meanwhile, stays out of the noise: “I don’t feel much scrutiny from the industry. In the end I am a guy who lives in the mountains, with his dog, and when I am not working I am very out of all that ”.

Mario Casas on the set of the movie ‘The photographer from Mauthausen’. On video, the trailer.

On You will not kill explains: “Yes The practitioner it was a more complex role, You will not kill required another job, to live it in situ, that of being constantly involved in character ”. Your director, David Victori, speaks of a very involved actor: “Mario is dedicated to the work, and in my case he placed himself in a vulnerable situation, in a … abnormal way. Spanish cinema loves him; Now, the Academy … Well, it is a complex institution and its decisions, for better or for worse, are collective. You can’t really blame anyone. “

In his future, beyond his small appearance in the series resurrection Paco’s men and the premiere on Netflix on April 30 of the miniseries The innocent, from Oriol Paulo, is his leap to management. “It is one of the steps I want to take. I cannot be still. I am always on the move, learning and creating. And I look at the directors a lot. I think I have already acquired a capacity to work with actors, and I would like to immerse myself in a film as a director to delve into that side, that of collaboration with the interpreters ”.

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