Thursday, October 28

The great Ronaldo | People

The time has come to confess that I consider Cristiano Ronaldo one of the most important figures of recent years. I’ve been chewing on this idea for some time, since he landed at Real Madrid and I decided to baptize him with what he was the greatest exponent of the macarra chic. I suspect that I erred a bit, today he is the king of correct social behavior. That gesture that he had in the middle of the European Championship, before establishing himself as the top scorer, by setting aside two bottles of Coca Cola and suggesting that water is better, not only made the world giant of carbonated soft drinks deflate in the New York Stock Exchange, but which also uncovered a solid message: healthy is ahead.

That message concealed another, not more liquid: that the multinational co-sponsor the event does not mean that it has the star as a decoy. Goal! Not even the departure of Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid has managed to overcome this moment. During the Hungary-Portugal match, held in Budapest, the Hungarian fans were rude and not very Austro-Hungarian, shouting “fag” at him. Reactionary and vulgar. I experienced something similar the only time I competed in the swimming team at my school in Caracas: it was just getting close to the chlorinated water and starting to listen to that same song “fag, fag” during the long 50 meters of the Olympic journey. When I got out of the water, I had won, just like Cristiano and no one was yelling anything anymore. Bravo for us, Cristiano! Here, while he was a Real Madrid player and Ramos’ teammate, they also insulted him. An opposing player insisted on calling him the usual during the game. With a quick, great gesture, the soccer idol replied: “Fagot, no. Millionaire”.

Paulina Rubio, the Mexican singer with the most millionaire in fans, did the same as Ronaldo in another press conference, years ago. He pushed the bottles of the sugary soda aside, putting them out of play. “Sorry, they don’t pay,” he exclaimed. A risky move, just like Cristiano’s. With the difference, perhaps, that bags react more quickly to the gestures of a man than a woman. The truth is that a new attitude to advertising has emerged. It has to be more consensual. It must be noted that you share it, the action and its benefits. For his part, the soccer star, as if following a well-studied script, stressed that he monitors, with the effort of a referee, the consumption of sugars in his family.

With regard to the homophobic screams of Hungarians and other countries of the former Soviet axis, what have we gays done to make them hate us so much? Without response, I have watched the images, both publicized and supervised, of the face-to-face between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. Fortunately, I find narcissism and aesthetic desire on their faces. It gives the impression that you are both enjoying some kind of restorative intervention. What we previously assumed to be typical of the first ladies is now also a matter of the first leaders. Biden favors an idea of ​​stretch, let’s say more Cartesian, more vertical, with a controlled speed face. While Vladimir Vladimir bets on the Russian avant-garde of the lifting, Grim, tectonic, avowedly post-Soviet, Biden has gained a determined sporting joviality. Putin, oh Putin, remember the good-natured and polished look of a matrioska. It is evident that the scalpel, vitamins and botox, like other poisons, are Russian. Just as the KGB renewed espionage in the world, this type of liftingBetween the puffy and the flashy, it highlights the efforts ex-Soviets have made since their Cold War years. They control almost everything, true and false information. And now, too, shameless plastic surgery. Perhaps that is what they now call the cold peace, see which of the alpha males wears the lifting more powerful, more deterrent. Check who has the scalpel by the handle.

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