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The great wage discontent: More and more tech workers feel underpaid due to inflation

The world is getting more expensive and we (the workers) have to pay for it. At least for now. Inflation increasingly hits the pockets of consumers who, in general, do not see this rise in prices compensated in their salaries. The problem is so bad that many tech employees, typically one of the highest-paying sectors in almost any country, are beginning to feel uncomfortable with their payincluding those who work for large corporations where money has generally never been an issue, such as Google.

Thus, the latest internal survey of workers at the technology giant, called Googlegeist, indicates that its professionals are increasingly dissatisfied with their financial compensation, and a growing number of them believe that they could earn more by playing a similar role in other companies, according to the survey data to which CNBC has had access.

Google is not the only one facing this discomfort from its workers. At the beginning of February, Amazon announced that it was going to double the salary limit of its employees and raise their compensation to face a major problem that had shaken the e-commerce giant throughout 2021: the constant bleeding of professionals who left for other companies. companies, mainly because they offered them more money. The matter was so serious that some divisions of the Bezos company lost up to 35% of their workforce throughout the past year.

At Apple, meanwhile, the wage issue is somewhat different. Its employees have repeatedly complained about the company’s opacity on this matter, in theory to hide the enormous salary inequality between some workers and others. In fact, the BBC reported in September 2021 that those in Cupertino would have repeatedly blocked attempts by employees to collect data on compensation.

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On the other hand, an investigation carried out by the technological human resources company Dice in the United States in 2021 reveals that 47.8% of tech employees in that country consider that they are poorly paid. This study also indicates that the search for a better salary would be one of the main reasons that have driven the Great Resignation in this sector. Despite this, 61% of those surveyed say they received a salary increase last year.

The situation in Spain

Spain is no stranger to inflation (tell that to those who have gone to fill the tank in recent weeks; the light is better not to mention) nor to the loss of purchasing power that this entails for workers who have frozen their salaries. However, for the moment, the employees of no large technology company have shown their discomfort collectively in our country, as those of Amazon and Google have done in the United States.

The war for talent in the technology sector threatens the viability of many Spanish SMEs: it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to retain seniors

Those that have done so have been the General Union of Workers (UGT) and the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO), which have requested 5% hikes in employee compensation to offset price hikes. A petition that the employers’ organizations the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (CEPYME) have rejected, arguing that companies are still struggling to recover from the effects of the coronavirus crisis, according to El País. .

Regardless of this collective bargaining, some 50,000 Spanish companies decided raise the salary of its workers by 5.6% at the beginning of this year, according to data from the Ministry of Labor on the collective agreements signed until last February. This measure would have benefited 744,825 Spaniards. However, it is a minimal amount compared to the total, since it barely represents 2% of the business fabric of Spain.

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